MGMS Advanced Warfare Grand Finals: A Chat with SA's Top Four

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The MWEB GameZone Master Series (MGMS) Grand Finals will be kicking off this weekend, and you can watch all the action live at the MWEB offices in Cape Town. The Grand Finals will feature four of the best South African Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (COD:AW) teams clashing on the Xbox One in the attempt to claim the title of the MGMS 2015 champion. 

The final four COD: AW teams will head to Cape Town this Saturday for the kickoff of the MGMS Grand Finals. It has been an epic struggle for the squads to make it this far in the competition. Each one of the teams had to come in first or second in one of our two respective online qualifiers. In the first MGMS qualifier, Astra Infinite and Ventus Xero managed to take the first and second place respectively. In the second MGMS qualifier, we saw the defending MGMS champions, Insane Gaming, clinch the top spot while eN F34R took the runners-up position. 

The first match in the MGMS Grand Finals will see eN F34R going up against Astra Infinite at 9 am on Saturday (30 September). The winner of the match will go on to face either Ventus Xero or Insane Gaming, who will be playing against one another at 10:30 am on Saturday. We managed to catch up with all four teams to find out exactly what they are thinking going into the game. 

Astra Infinite interview with Dillon "Astra Lithium"

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Astra Infinite took the number one spot in the MGMS first qualifier which concluded over three months ago, on the 21st of June. The squad was on top form after coming off a dominant performance at the EGE LAN, where they took the number one spot. During the first MGMS qualifier, the team was close to unstoppable as they only lost one round during the entire qualifier. 

We spoke to Dillion "Astra Lithium" regarding the up and coming Grand Finals and their first match against EN F34R. 

What has your team been up to since you qualified for the MGMS Grand Final?

"We have been putting in countless hours of time as individuals into Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare by playing 8s and ranked play. We have not scrimmed as a team as much as we wanted. This is mostly due to many South African teams avoiding us as they feel we are on another level compared to them. This is especially sad to see as they do not understand that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain from playing higher skill level teams.  They should really take up the opportunity, especially if they aspire to become a top tier team.

On a side note, we also have been posting Youtube videos weekly on our channel "Team Astra" and I suggest the fans check it out!."

Do you believe that your squad is in better form than when you last played in the MGMS first qualifier?

"I believe our squad is definitely better at the moment. We are all at our peak and are excited to put on a performance at LAN. Our gunskill has improved as well as our map knowledge. We are also able to adapt to opposing team strategies better than before by countering them."

What's your thoughts on your opposition, EN F34R? 

"eN F34R has definitely improved since the first qualifier and they look much stronger. However, I do think it will be a good game to watch, especially as it is on LAN."

What is your teams main goal in the Grand Finals of the MGMS?

"Our main goal is to come out with the win but also to make our fans proud as I do believe we have the biggest fan-base out of all the teams participating. We are partnered with Carbon eSports and would like to do them proud by putting a title under their belt."

What do you think is your biggest strength and weakness going into the Gran Finals LAN?

"Our biggest strength would be the mental and physical preparation we have put into our team. We also believe we are a stronger LAN team as we do suffer from technical difficulties online so this should be an advantage for us. Our only weakness would be to lack focus and concentration during games, which is a problem we have been working on. As well as communication."

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EN F34R Interview with Ismail "F34R Jakes" Jacobs 


The EN F34R squad are one of the most  well-known teams in the  South African competitive Call of Duty scene. The team has earned their sterling reputation as a result of their hugely successful past, where they have consistently placed in the top two positions in most tournaments. During the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare season, the team has faced an uphill struggle, however, as the squad have consistently placed third or lower. Now EN F34R are looking the MGMS Grand Final to reestablish their dominance in the local competitive scene. 

We caught up with their team captain. Ismail "F34R Jakes' Jacob to find out his thoughts going into the Grand Final.

What has your team been doing in preparation for the MGMS grand finals? 

"We have been putting more time into the game, even more than we normally have in the past. Currently, our full squad is in Cape Town in preparation for the Grand Finals. We have been given an amazing opportunity to make use of a team house, courtesy of Red Bull,  for the next 3 days to build chemistry and get as much practice as we possible can get before the LAN"

What are thoughts on your opposition, Astra infinite? Do you think your team will be able to win the game? 

They are a very strong team, they are currently the top team in South Africa. We know it won't be easy but we are confident in our ability that we can take the win on Saturday.

What will your teams main focus be for the Grand Finals? 

"Our main focus is to win the Grand Final.  We know if we focus on playing as a unit and our game, we can do really well"

Do you think your squad's LAN experience will benefit you in the finals?

"Definitely, we have played in so many LANs in the past 2 years winning most of them. We have that experience in being able to handle the pressure and the crunch moments that can turn a game."

Do you have any thing that you want to say before going into Saturday's big game?

"Just a big thank you to everybody involved with the event and good luck to Astra"

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Interview with Ventus Xero's Spyro "Ventus Cypher" Orfanos


Ventus Xero have remained a consistent second place finisher in almost every event this year, with the exception of the MGMS first recon tournament where the squad had to bow out due to conflicting player schedules. The teams most recent result was in the MGMS first qualifier for Advanced Warfare, where the squad secured the second spot on the podium, a position which has guaranteed them entry to the MGMS Grand Final.

We spoke to Spyro "Ventus Cypher" Orfanos regarding their plans for the MGMS Grand Finals. 

Tell us about your teams preparations going into the MGMs finals?

"While we move into the closing weeks of the competitive season of AW our main focus has shifted to fine tuning and ironing out the smaller issues to ensure we are as comfortable as possible going into the finals. It hasn’t always been easy as time has been a limiting factor for us, but nevertheless we are extremely confident moving into the finals."

What do you think your team's strongest asset is going into the grand finals? 

"Our strongest asset is definitely our respawn game types which I think can be attributed to our 'slayer' based team structure. If someone is struggling in-game, there are always 2-3 other players who are fully capable of picking up the slack and, as a result, the pressure is always on the opposition."

What are your thoughts on your opposition, Insane Gaming?

"Insane Gaming are the defending champions and I’m sure they will push themselves as much as possible to defend it. We look forward to our match against them as it will be our first time during the Advanced Warfare season that we will meet them on LAN."

How confident is your squad, going into the match? Do you think you will be able to win? 

"Without a doubt, yes. We are extremely confident for the finals and the only thing that matches our confidence is our excitement to be playing with each other once more in an LAN environment."

What is your team's main goal in the MGMS?

"We only have one goal and that is to win. We expect nothing less from our squad."

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Interview with Insane Gaming


Team Insane Gaming managed to earn themselves the fourth place position in the MGMS Advanced Warfare first qualifier, narrowly avoiding the podium when they lost out to their rivals, eN F34R, in the losers bracket Semi Final. The squad managed to pull things together in the second qualifier to take an undefeated first position. The team are looking stronger than ever and are preparing to defend their MGMS title this Saturday. 

We spoke to Kaelin "Insane Tanker" Govender about the up-coming GrandFinals: 

How is your team feeling going into the grand finals? 

"We are feeling really confident, after coming off a win the Void PS4 LAN last weekend."

Do you believe your team will be able to cope with the speed of the LAN environment?

"Yes ,we will able to cope with the speed of LAN. Three out of the four members of our team are experienced on LAN and we are well known for playing better on LAN"

What are you thoughts on your first opponent, Ventus Xero?

"They are a very good team, but in our last three LAN meetings we have come out on top so we will be taking  that confidence into the game."

Do you believe your squad can defeat Ventus Xero? 

"Yes we do believe we can, otherwise we wouldn't be competing"

Do you believe your team will be able to win the MGMS?

"Yes, like I said in the previous question, we think we can. We want to try to make it back to back MGMS winners"

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Spectate all the action this weekend, live!

If you’re in Cape Town over the weekend of the MGMS LAN event, and would like to attend the spectacle, you will need to be on the list to get passed security. To do this, you simply have to go over to this article, comment below (please use a valid Disqus account so we can make contact with you if needed) with the following:

The Schedule

If you’re keen to plan your schedule for the weekend, these are the planned times for the various matches:

Saturday (3 October)

  • 9:00am - Call of Duty Semi-Final 1 (Astra Infinite vs. eN_F34R)
  • 10:30am – Call of Duty Semi-Final 2 (Ventus Xero vs. Insane Gaming)
  • 12:30pm – Counter-Strike Semi-Final 1 (Bravado Gaming vs. Energy eSports)
  • 4:00pm – Counter-Strike Semi-Final 2 (Damage Control vs. Carbon eSports)
  • 7:30pm – Counter-Strike 3rd/4th Playoff

Sunday (4 October)

  • 9:00am – Call of Duty 3rd/4th Playoff
  • 10:30am – Call of Duty Final
  • 12:30pm – Counter-Strike Final
  • 4:00pm – Prize Giving

During the courseof the two days there will be unscheduled random draws and possibly an activity or to participate in, so expect to be fully entertained throughout the weekend. 


MWEB Head Office

100 Fairway Close

Parow North


Watch online

The matches will be live streamed via the official MWEB GameZone Twitch Channel 

Prizes for the LAN finals

Each title will feature a cash prize pool of R22,000 and each team placing will secure the following:

  • 1st Prize – R10,000
  • 2nd Prize – R6,000
  • 3rd Prize – R4,000
  • 4th Prize – R2,000

Social Media

If you’re chatting about the MWEB GameZone Masters Series on Twitter (or even Facebook), remember to add the hashtag #MGMS. For title specific information, use the hashtag #MGMSCSGO for CS:GO and #MGMSAW for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.

MWEB GameZone: Twitter | Facebook / ACGL: Twitter | Facebook 

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