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MGSV: The Phantom Pain - Mission 51 Alternative Game Ending Cut

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A potentially significant chunk of the Metal Gear Solid V (MGS V): The Phantom Pain story has been left out of the standard edition of the game, and only included on the blu-ray disc in the collector’s edition. The blu-ray disc contains information that’s critical to the series’s overarching story. While most were still too early in their play-through of Kojima’s epic to give it much thought in the short-term, many have now finished the main storyline, and are dissatisfied with the end product.

MGS V collector’s edition contains important story content

Half-finished cinematics and storyboards lay out the depiction to an episode of the game entitled “Kingdom of the Flies.” The episode was intended to be the 51st of the main game, which in its present form comprises of 50 episodes, but was cut. The footage is fully voiced and links The Phantom Pain to other games later in the series, the next of which is the is the original Metal Gear. 

According to GameSpot, which made the discovery, Kingdom of the Flies “gives insight into the motivations of Liquid Snake and Big Boss.”

Big Boss is the player character in The Phantom Pain and the antagonist of later games in the series; much of the interest in The Phantom Pain from Metal Gear veterans lies in discovering how he turns bad. As the fans close off the campaign they are starting to realize that they have been left in the dark and are not happy about it. 

Fans are demanding the release of “cut” MGS V ending

Taking to the Meta Gear Solid sub-reddit, many fans are discussing the prospect of petitioning Konami to produce the ending that they feel the game deserves, with several arguing that the storyline is simply unfinished without it.

The “ending” is available on YouTube for those who don’t mind spoilers, and appears to have been produced to a relatively detailed level, with cutscenes and concept art of what is an entirely different zone already created.

For now, there has been no official announcement from Konami whether this section of the game will become available to all owners of the game. With the dissolution of Kojima Productions imminent, it appears that there is little-to-no chance of the team that worked on The Phantom Pain being contracted to produce any future DLC content.

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