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Mad Max review roundup - Furiosa will not approve

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If there was one game I wanted to buy this month, it was Mad Max. Most critics conclude that the game is fun at times, but not spectacular. Gamesradar gave Mad Max the best score (4/5) but mentions that; "There’s a good game here eventually, but one that takes some time to find itself." So, you'll have to decide this one for yourself, I'll wait for a price reduction.

On the other hand, the Steam reviews are overwhelmingly positive. There are some real treasures.

"There was a man named Max he lived in a wastland and was stripped of his wheels with not even a penny to his name but oddly his game ran like silk and 60fps and his game was complete.There was a man named Bruce he was a billionaire with a tank and a jet he lived in modern times but oddly his game was a giant turd with a 34.99 season pass and was capped at 30fps." He played a full 2 hours.

"OPTIMIZED to the Max2. Graphics to the Max3. Open world to the Max4. Do what ever you want to the Max5. 10/10 to the Max6. Wreck People and scrub them... to the Max." Played 1.3 hours.

Let's move on to real reviews ;).

TL;DR Roundup

  • Polygon 5/10: "Mad Max is a shallow, forgettable experience"
  • IGN 8.4/10: "An engaging rampage"
  • Gameinformer 7.5/10: "... repetitious open-world activities."
  • God is a Geek 7.5/10: "A fun game."
  • Gamesradar 4/5: "What a world."
  • Gamespot 6/10: "... an occasional joy to play."

Mad Max review: wasted land | Polygon 5/10


Mad Max is a shallow, forgettable experience

Those inevitable wins felt empty, and that's really the biggest problem with Mad Max. The film franchise has always transcended the summer blockbuster genre, providing worlds and characters and scenarios that have stuck in my mind. Mad Max the game is the opposite; it's got chase scenes and big explosions and bloody fights, but nothing to remember it for. In spite of some annoying technical issues and questionable design, Mad Max is functional, but it's fluff, plain and simple.

Furiosa image credit: Polygon Mad Max game review

Mad Max Review - Give Me Fuel, Give Me Fire | IGN 8.4/10


An engaging rampage

Even after the credits rolled, there was so much left for me to see and discover. Collecting dozens of other wasteland vehicles, building supercar variants of the Magnum Opus, competing in unique death run races, competing online against other players’ vehicles, and even collecting historical artifacts from the world before, it all reinforces the fact Mad Max is a sandbox crafted with the tone of the material in mind. And its gorgeous, striking, and often bitter visual moods can be captured in a cinematic mode, that let’s you pull the camera through time and space to snap the perfect picture or video of the destruction on screen. Despite so much time spent in the dirty, blood-stained boots of Mad Max, I know I’m nowhere near done in The Great White.  

Mad Max - Desert Sessions In Repetition | Gameinformer 7.5/10


repetitious open-world activities

Max's adventure inevitably leads to a showdown with Scrotus, but as the story concludes you are left wondering what, if anything, was gained in this pursuit. At the end of the day, Max overtook some bases, ran a couple hundred cars off the road, met some forgettable characters, and buried his fist into the sunburnt skin of the villainous locals. Was it worth the effort? That ultimately depends on how much fun you had in performing these basic, repetitious open-world activities.

Mad Max Review | Godis a Geek 7.5/10

god is a geek.jpg

A fun game

The story is generally fine, but nothing special. Most main missions see you have to chase something down and take someone out, and although there’s an attempt to make you care now and then, it falls flat. The fun is to be had just exploring, maybe getting caught in a horrendous storm that nearly takes your life. Mad Max is a fun game. You’ll happily lose an hour or two here and there, and feel great about it Nobody quite does that open-world charm like Avalanche, and the harpoon never stops being a source of mirth. The combat is great, and if you’re after an open world third-person title, you could do a lot worse.

Mad Max review: Your world is fire and blood | Gamesradar4/5


What a world

This may not be breaking any new ground but it’s a satisfying experience with plenty to do. By the time I'd finished the main story I'd clocked 38 hours and apparently completed 39% (!). The main story, despite its mundane crux, does ultimately deliver a worthy climax (it'd be spoilers to say more) before returning you to a still daunting map full of bases, side quests, diversions and everything else to mop up. The plot might barely exist for the majority of the game, while direction and focus takes its time to come together, but none of that matters. Just being in the world is enough. You are Mad Max, a violent stranger roaring across the wasteland in a cloud of dust and violence.   

Mad Max Review - Hit the road, Max. | Gamespot 6/10


an occasional joy to play

The ending, like many of the game's minor faults, devalues your struggle to survive in the harsh wasteland. It's a shame because Mad Max's world in the game is beautiful, grim, and fascinating. Some interesting characters, impressive environments and great car combat draw you in and incentivise you to keep going, but it's when you get out of the car that things fall apart. Mad Max's combat system is too dumbed down to enjoy, and repetitive activities such as searching for scrap and invading small enemy camps gets old fast. Mad Max offers some great experiences, but for a game that tries to impose the realities of survival on you, it does a poor job of following up on this pressure. Mad Max is too focused on providing you with an open-world that's filled with missions, and not focused enough on making those missions worth your time.

The sadness is real.


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