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Dota 2 The International V Grand Finals - What You Missed

Evil Geniuses went up against CDEC in the Grand Finals of The International V (TI5) on the final day of the tournament. CDEC came all the way from the Wild Card play-ins into the Grand Finals without dropping one game, defeating EG in the Winner’s Bracket finals 2-0.

EG met the Chinese powerhouse LGD in the Loser’s Finals on days six and showed how they can adapt during a game with some exceptional plays to secure their spot in the Grand Finals and take revenge on CDEC for knocking them down on day five.

Here is a recap of the Main Event Grand Finals in the form of an old-school battle report, where CDEC Gaming took in Evil Geniuses in a best-out-of-five clash for a life changing first place prize of $6,630,109.  

(Please note that the article contains spoilers for those of you who would rather watch the replays)

CDEC Gaming versus Evil Geniuses

Game one starts off with CDEC banning out the Goblin Techies and Naga Siren, two heroes they do not feel comfortable with facing. The Chinese team then picks up Leshrac to avoid EG picking up the hero. EG opts for a Gyrocopter on Fear, followed by a Clockwerk, Crystal Maiden, Storm Spirit and Skywrath Mage picks. CDEC finishes off their draft with a Phantom Lancer on Agressif, followed by Winter Wyvern, Spirit Breaker and Queen of Pain pickups.

The early game starts off with a bang for CDEC as they claim First Blood on Suma1L’s Storm Spirit. CDEC makes their early game plan clear by picking off the Storm Spirit two more times before the five minute mark. A long range Rocket from Clockwerk secures a kill on CDEC’s Queen of Pain and puts EG on the board, with a score of 3-1 going in the favor of CDEC. Less than two minutes later, CDEC decide to smoke up and go look for kills, but they take too long in finding a pickoffs. EG, with some excellent rotations at their top tier one tower manages to turn the fight and secures a three for zero team fight in the process.

At the 10 minute mark, EG is now 2000 experience and 1500 gold ahead. During the early game, EG continues to extend their lead as their Storm Spirit, after an abysmal start, come back into the game and EG’s Clockwerk initiates with some brilliant Hookshots. CDEC, although behind, still try to fight instead of backing off to farm safely, which results in EG being 15-4 ahead at the 20 minute mark with a massive 8000 gold and 12000 experience lead. Moving into the late game, CDEC’s only hope is if they can get enough farm on their Phantom Lancer, yet EG doesn’t give them an inch. With fight after fight going the way of EG, roughly 30 minutes in the have a firm grip on the game.

CDEC moves in to contest Roshan 35 minutes into the game as a last ditch effort to save game one. However, EG turn the fight around after Storm Spirit gets caught. Suma1L makes a clutch decision to buy back and zip into the fight, causing CDEC to lose four heroes in trade for just the Storm Spirit. CDEC realizes the game is over and GG’s out, giving EG their first win of the Grand Finals.

Game two starts off with the same first bans and picks, as CDEC again picks up the Leshrac and EG again take Gyrocopter and Clockwerk as their first two heroes. The draft opens up as CDEC opts for Tusk, Visage and Queen of pain while EG picks up Crystal Maiden, Winter Wyvern and Windranger. CDEC’s last pick Broodmother is a brilliant decision as EG has no real counter for it.

CDEC draws First Blood in the early game on the offlane Clockwerk, with Shiki’s Leshrac picking up the last hit. CDEC finds another pickoff, this time on Suma1L in the mid lane, yet EG’s Winter Wyvern at least finds a return kill on CDEC’s Visage, making the game score 2-1. As the game progresses past the 10 minute mark, CDEC is 6-4 ahead in kills and has a 1500 gold advantage, yet EG manages to keep a 1000 experience lead.

The game starts to slow down for the next 10 minutes and EG with the help of some on-point Shackle Shots from Suma1L keeps the game under control with a kill score of 11-9 at the 20 minute mark. However, CDEC’s advantage in gold continue to grow as the Broodmother keeps on finding more and more farm. The Broodmother for CDEC is a large annoyance for the EG side, yet they do manage to find a pickoff before the 30 minute mark.

CDEC rotates in and tries to fight, but EG turns the team fight and takes four for one exchange, evening up the game score to 17 kills apiece. EG moves into CDEC’s jungle and look for a fight 32 minutes into the game. CDEC responds with some excellent plays from Tusk saving the Leshrac in his snowball. The one snowball completely turns the fight as CDEC claims a five for zero exchange with all of their heroes on very low health. On top of the team fight, CDEC claims Roshan and the Aegis goes to Leshrac.

37 minutes into the game CDEC, with Aegis still in hand, starts a fight at EG’s Ancient’s and manages to take the first four for zero. CDEC decides to push high ground and takes one final team fight as EG taps out before their barracks’ fall. The Grand Final is now tied 1-1 in game score.

The third game Fear again gets Gyrocopter while Suma1L is put on the Ember Spirit by EG. CDEC opts to pick Leshrac for the third time and finishes off a strong fighting lineup with a Slark pickup on Agressif. For the first time in the Grand Finals, EG claims First Blood five minutes into the early game.

Fights break out across the map during the early game with lanes being reshuffled as the teams react to their opponents movements quickly and efficiently. 11 minutes into the game, EG gains a nice advantage with a team fight middle where Fear’s use of this Calldown puts CDEC out of position.

As the third game moves into the mid game phase, EG continue to farm well while CDEC looks for fights. At this stage of the game, CDEC has a small advantage of 1000 gold and 1200 experience with EG taking the kill lead with 10-9. The late game is relatively uneventful in terms of kills, as both teams avoid a big team fight and continue to farm up. During the mid-late game phase, EG gain an advantage of 4000 team gold with the help of stacking the Ancient camps and giving the farm to Fear’s Gyrocopter.

38 minutes into the game, the kill score is only 14-11 in favor of EG. At the 42 minute mark, EG pushes their small advantage and tries to take a team fight against their Chinese opponents. However, Agressif’s Slark has a field day in a highly unstructured fight at CDEC’s Ancient camp. CDEC manages to take an advantageous team fight and evens up the kill score to 15 apiece.

Just before 50 minutes, EG walks into the Roshan pit but CDEC is ready to contest. After yet another intense team fight, EG comes out on top, claiming the Aegis on the Gyrocopter before CDEC could properly engage. EG chase out CDEC and manages to pick up a couple of kills in the process. Although the kill score is only 19-16 in EG’s favor, CDEC know they are in trouble as they try to avoid fights.

EG push their advantage by taking the fight to CDEC’s base. At CDEC’s tier two tower, EG claims a three for zero team fight even though CDEC’s Dark Seer manages to get off a three man Vacuum into Wall. EG backs off after destroying CDEC’s tier two and three towers top. In a curious move, CDEC goes for a final fight in EG’s jungle.

Both teams wrap around each other, looking for the perfect position to engage. However, CDEC’s Visage gets caught out and killed without getting off a single spell. CDEC tries to disengage but fails to get away, as EG claims a four for zero team fight. CDEC realizes that the game is lost as EG pushes into their base and before a barracks falls, CDEC GG’s out. EG is now one win away from becoming champions.

The fourth game starts off with CDEC banning Leshrac instead of picking him up. The Leshrac ban opens up a Naga Siren pick for EG (a hero which CDEC has banned for most of the tournament). EG again picks up Gyrocopter for Fear, coupled with a Storm Spirit for Suma1L and finish of their draft with an Earth Shaker and Ancient Apparition. CDEC picks up Clockwerk, Lina and Winter Wyvern while finishing off their draft with Aggressif again on the Phantom Lancer and a Dragon Knight pickup.

The early game starts off slowly, with no kills at five minutes in. Both teams farm up and stack their jungle for some flash farming. At over eight minutes into the game, CDEC rotates heroes mid and smokes up. However, EG has the same idea as they smoke up mid as well. CDEC gets caught out of position and EG’s Suma1L on his Storm Spirit claims a double kill making the score 2-0 in favor of EG.

Both teams farm up during the early-mid game. At the 20 minute mark EG is only 5-1 ahead in kills with a 1000 gold advantage, yet they do manage to gain a 4000 experience advantage. Suma1L’s Storm Spirit already has a Bloodstone completed and he is ready to take the right to CDEC, putting pressure on the enemy supports. CDEC try to take the fight to EG and claims a decent fight at EG’s bottom tier two tower with a two for one kill trade. On CDEC’s top lane, they find a pickoff on Suma1L, but EG turns the fight around killing three of CDEC’s heroes and only losing the Ancient Apparition in the process.

EG take two more advantageous fights in the mid-late game where CDEC tries to turn up the pressure but lose out during the fight. At the 29 minute mark, CDEC heads into the Rosh Pit after picking of Suma1L. EG contests with a brilliant ice blast on all five CDEC players followed up instantly with a Blink / Echo Slam from the Earth Shaker. The two ultimate combo completely destroys CDEC as they lose four heroes without even doing damage to EG.

EG claims Roshan and gives the Aegis to their Storm Spirit. The one fight at Roshan turned game four from a relatively even matchup into almost insurmountable odds for CDEC. CDEC attempts a last ditch smoke but again fails to secure an advantageous team fight. EG pushes their lead all the way to CDEC’s bottom barracks. After picking off a few more heroes EG claims bottom barracks as their own and moves to mid lane.

CDEC takes one final fight in their mid lane and gets destroyed by EG, using up all their available buybacks. EG backs off for a moment and then turns the fight on CDEC as the Chinese team tries to get some consolation pickoffs. However, EG claims a four for zero team fight and CDEC is forced to GG out with a kill score of 27-9 in favor of EG.

Evil Geniuses becomes the TI5 champions, claiming the Aegis of Champions and a first place prize of $6,630,109. CDEC goes home with $2,854,630 and showed the world that they are a team that no one should underestimate.

Evil Geniuses had a fantastic run in the tournament and their ability to adapt in any situation as well as their amazing plays secured them a well deserved first place spot. Interestingly, the team has one of the oldest (27 years) players in TI5 in the form of “Old Man Dota” also known as Clinton ‘Fear’ Loomis and Sumail "Suma1L" Hassan Syed, the 16 year old hyper-aggressive mid player. Although 11 years apart in age, the two core players of EG showed exceptional team work, coupled with PPD, UNiVeRsE and Aui_2000.

TI5 Prize Distribution

How much money did your favorite team win? You can check out the tournament’s prize distribution below.  

  1. Evil Geniuses - $6,616,014
  2. CDEC Gaming - $2,848,562
  3. LGD Gaming - $2,205,338
  4. ViCi Gaming - $1,562,114
  5. Virtus Pro - $1,194,558
  6. EHOME - $1,194,558
  7. Team Secret - $827,002
  8. MVP Phoenix - $827,002
  9. compLexity Gaming - $220,534
  10. Cloud9 - $220,534
  11. Team Empire - $220,534
  12. Invictus Gaming - $220,534
  13. Newbee - $55,133
  14. Fnatic - $55,133
  15. Natus Vincere - $55,133
  16. MVP.HOT6ix - $55,133

Did you hope EG would win or where you rooting for CDEC? Do you think a big post-TI reshuffle will happen again this year? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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