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Autistic teen livestreams 12 hour Minecraft marathon

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Sometimes you read a press release, and you think, Mind. Blown. Like, "Autistic teen livestreams 12 hour Minecraft marathon." It's the story of a 14-year-old boy who is a gamer, and who also has autism. Tomorrow he'll do a 12 hour Minecraft-Charity livestream to raise money for people with autism.

Meet Tom Kirkman-Wood

“I am very keen to spread the word about autism and love busting autism myths. I also happen to be a big Minecraft fan. The 12 hours is just 12 hours of playing in one go - I have done that kind of length before so I know that I can handle it however it is always hard. I will occasionally ask people in chat to set me goals and challenges.”

Tom’s Minecraft marathon will run from 8am to 8pm. What a remarkable young man. Why don't you tune in and support his fund raiser.

Tom: Live stream | Twitter | Fundraiser Page

Minecraft can help autism

Tom is not alone is his love for Minecraft, the game is popular with many suffering from autism. BBC ran a story on how Minecraft can help autism. According to Learning Works for Kids, “Minecraft provides a vibrant world in which creativity, exploration, and productivity occurs on the player’s terms. Particularly in the creative mode,  Minecraft allows the player to have a great deal of control over their environment.  Minecraft also rewards discovery in a way that does not prompt anxiety and fear. While many children with Autism crave routine and familiarity,  Minecraft becomes a safe place to develop flexibility. They are able to explore an unknown world and face fears without giving up safety.”

It is so popular with autistic gamers that they even have their own community, called AutCraft.


"Autcraft is a whitelisted Minecraft server for children (and adults) that have autism and their families.

Autcraft was created by Stuart Duncan (aka AutismFather in game) who not only has autism himself but also a child with autism as well. The server is administrated by adults that include autistics, parents of autistic children or a family member of someone with autism. There are also "Helpers" that include "jrhelpers" which are children that prove to be responsible, positive and helpful with people; and "srhelpers" which are adults that demonstrate some knowledge of the game as well as being respectful, responsible and helpful."

Some features of Autcraft:
  • Bullying, killing, stealing, griefing, etc is not tolerated
  • Swearing is not tolerated
  • In game ticket/support system. Need an admin to do something, stand where you need the help and use /modreq <message>
  • Players builds are protected using WorldGuard. Ask an admin for protection
  • All kills, blocks placed, blocks broken, items dropped, picked up and more are tracked so that we can see exactly what happens anywhere
  • A few mini-games including hide and seek, mob arena, spleef and more
  • Community Wither fights and other events

If you know anyone with autism, then why don't you encourage them to give Autcraft a go?

Han: Twitter / MWEB GameZone: Twitter | Facebook

"Minecraft becomes a safe place to develop flexibility"

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