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The MWEB GameZone Master Series second qualifier for Advanced Warfare is just a week away from kickoff. One of South Africa's strongest competitive Call of Duty teams on console, Insane Gaming, have just registered their squad. The defending champions from the first MGMS tournament were disappointed not to grab a spot in the first qualifier, now they are back and looking hungrier than ever to secure the elusive top position.

Team Insane Gaming managed to earn themselves the fourth place position in the MGMS Advanced Warfare first qualifier, narrowly avoiding the podium when they lost out to their rivals, eN F34R, in the losers bracket Semi Final. Despite the respectable position, team Insane gaming is not content with their final placement. Especially after last years performance in last year's Grand Final, a result that saw the team reach the pinnacle of their success.. 

Insane Gaming, the MGMS 2014 Grand Finals Champions da

The squad, captained by Kaelin 'Insane Tanker' Govender, managed to rise to fame in the first Master Series Grand Final in 2014. The team had a strenuous Call of Duty: Ghosts season as they seemed to constantly finish in second place in almost all of their tournaments that year. On the final day, with their last opportunity beckoning, they turned it up a gear when they once again made it to the final. Their opposition was none other than eN F34R, the squad that dominated almost all of the events during the Call of Duty: Ghosts calendar year. 


 Insane Gaming taking on eN F34R in the 2014 Grand Finals 

Kaelin and his troop had clearly been working on their weaknesses as they put on a display of amazing gun skill and teamwork. Despite coming in the underdogs, team Insane Gaming tore through their opposition to finally defeated their long-time rivals and become the 2014 MGMS Grand Finals Champions.

Interview with Insane Tanker

During the Advanced Warfare season, the team have seemingly lost the spirit that won them the Grand Final, with a string of inconsistent results. Kaelin and his squad have been working on trying to rekindle that fire and the teamwork over the past few weeks. The squad finally believe themselves ready to show that they can once again rise against the odds to take their shot at the MGMS title. 

Insane Gaming managed to secure the fourth position in the first MGMS qualifier. Looking back, are you happy with where your team finished in the tournament?

"We were not happy with fourth place and I thought we could have pushed eN Fear for the 3rd spot. We did, however, understand that the current top two teams (Ventus Xero and Astra Infinite) have put in much more time into the game than us and deserve their placings. With regards to our placing, we are known for finishing much better on LAN, as was shown during the Call of Duty:Ghosts season. We are looking to once again prove people wrong in the last two major Advanced Warfare LANs."

Over the past few weeks, your team has undergone some changes in preparation for the MGMS second qualifier. Can you take us through them and why they were implemented?

"We have picked up Dale, due to one of our previous players (Callum Lumley - Blizzard) moving overseas. Dale is a very young talented player who deserves to constantly challenge for titles. He recently filled in for Astra at the GWSA LAN, where they secured first place over Ventus Xero."

Why do you think Insane Gaming has had a dip in overall form this year with Advanced Warfare?

"I think the main reason for our dip in form was due to South Africa not being given a spot in the Call of Duty Championship, which demotivated a lot of players. Another factor is the decrease in a number of LANs, compared to the Call of Duty: Ghosts season. I think things will pick for the Black Ops 3 season, as it looks likely that we are moving to PS4, which will exponentially grow the community.

We hope to show some life in the biggest two tournaments of the year (MGMS and DGC) and prove ourselves once again."

What are your team's goals going into the second qualifier?   

"Our goal is to win the second qualifier. It will not be easy but with enough practice and the right mentality I think it can be done."

What teams do you think will be your biggest rivals for the second qualifier?

"I think eN F34R, inX Gaming and Astra Nation will be our biggest rivals for this qualifier. eN F34R consist of really experienced players and they know how to handle clutch situations. inX Gaming has been the most improved team to emerge throughout Advanced Warfare and can pull a surprise on the big teams. Lastly, Astra Nation is a newly formed team which consist of a lot of raw talent."

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Registrations Open close this Friday (24 July)


If you want to register for the MGMS second qualifier, then you can head over to the official tournament registration page for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Once there, you will be able to view registrations, brackets, rule sets, registered teams, the calendar and frequently asked questions. Registrations require that each team has a minimum of four members registered, with two optional reserves. No players are allowed to enter more than one team.

Registration will close on the 24th of July and matches will commence on the 27th of July, with the finals of the second Advanced Warfare qualifier being held on the 23rd of August. Teams must be sure to be available for matches before registering. 

Prizes for second qualifier

The top three teams will bag their share of R10 000 cash prizes:

  • 1st Prize – R5,000
  • 2nd Prize – R3,000
  • 3rd Prize – R2,000

What do you think of Insane Gaming's chances in the second qualifier? Will you be entering your team? Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter.

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"eN F34R, inX Gaming and Astra Nation will be our biggest rivals for this qualifier"

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