MGMS Advanced Warfare Second Qualifier: Registrations Open


Registrations for the MWEB GameZone Master Series (MGMS) second qualifier for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare opens today. The top two teams from the second qualifier will face Astra Infinite and Ventus Xero in the Grand Finals (to be held in October). There is also R10 000 in cash prizes for the top three finishers of the tournament.  

Only two positions remain for the Grand Final 

The MGMS has been divided into two separate qualifiers for the 2015 season, where the top two teams from each qualifier will earn a position at the Grand Finals. The first qualifier concluded two weeks ago, which means that there are only two remaining spots up for grabs. The Grand Finals for the MGMS will be hosted at the MWEB offices in Cape Town and will boast an impressive total of R22 000 in cash prizes for the main event.

Astra Infinite and Ventus Xero have managed to secure the first and second seed, respectively, for the Grand Finals. As a result, they will not be allowed to participate in the MGMS second qualifier, to the relief of some of the other South African teams. Hameed "Viper" Moosa, the captain of Astra Infinite had the following to say regarding the second qualifier: 

"It's going to be great from a spectators point of view. Really looking forward to the second qualifier because now we can sit back, relax and watch these fellow teams play and maybe pick up on some new strategies." - Hameed "Viper" Moosa 

The battle for the remaining spots is going to be intense as there are some great teams who didn't make the cut in the First MWEB GameZone Master Series qualifier. Teams such as; eN F34R, TPE, Insane Gaming and iNx Gaming will all be looking to the second qualifier to have their shot at glory. 

The second MGMS qualifier will be increasing the number of live streams, bringing you all the action directly from the official MWEB GameZone Twitch channel

Registrations Open 

If you want to register for the MGMS second qualifier, then you can head over to the official tournament registration page for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Once there, you will be able to view registrations, brackets, rulesets, registered teams, the calendar and frequently asked questions. Registrations require that each team has a minimum of 4 members registered, with two optional reserves. No players are allowed to enter more than one team.

Registration will close on the 24th of July and matches will commence on the 27th of July, with the finals of the second Advanced Warfare qualifier being held on the 23rd of August. Teams must be sure to be available for matches before registering. 

Prizes for second qualifier

The top three teams will bag their share of R10 000 cash prizes:

1st Prize – R5,000

2nd Prize – R3,000

3rd Prize – R2,000 

Ruleset and Frequently Asked Questions

The ruleset and frequently asked questions can be found here, under the ‘Ruleset’ and ‘FAQs’ tabs respectively. The rules are subject to change to match international standards. 

Social Media  

If you’re chatting about the MWEB GameZone Masters Series on Twitter (or even Facebook), remember to add the hashtag #MGMS. For title specific information, use the hashtag #MGMSAW for Advanced Warfare. 

The Full MGMS 2015 Calendar 

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Qualifier 2: 

  • 8 July: Registrations Open 
  • 24 July: Registrations Close
  • 27 July: Tournament Starts
  • 23 August: Finals 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Qualifier 2: 

  • 3 August: Registrations Open 
  • 21 August: Registrations Close 
  • 24 August: Tournament Starts 
  • 23 August: Finals 

Who do you think will be taking the remaining top two spots at the MGMS Grand Finals?

Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter. 

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