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MWEB GameZone - SA's Biggest Game Server Host

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MWEB GameZone hosts servers for 79 games, with multiple servers for most of the games; making it South Africa's biggest gaming server host. Not only do we host far more servers than any other local internet service provider, but we also prioritize all gaming traffic. MWEB GameZone server administrator, Ryno "Sonz" Warwick explained in detail how he orchestrates the complicated process of giving South African gamers the best possible online gaming experience.

Today we want to introduce you to our PC gaming servers, but first, a laymen's recap of how we give your gaming traffic top service.


They could do this, but that wouldn't be cool...

The Internet is a series of check-out counters...

While I may be shooting myself in the foot for trying to describe the process in this manner, think of everything I’ve described, as going to your local supermarket. Notice how the normal check-outs are either half-full, with trolleys backing up every which-a-way? Traffic shaping can be thought of in a similar manner – you’re going to the check-out counter, and once everything is squared away and paid for, you’re on your way.


I believe we've all been through this...

Now imagine this Utopia: all the check-out counters are staffed. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. MWEB GameZone could be thought of as the express counters – 10 items or less. Now imagine – you’ve gone for normal grocery shopping with your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/children/whatever, and for some reason you’re in a hurry. Both you and your significant other are there, but you want to get out quicker to munch on the chocolate you put in the trolley. Well, now you can get out quicker. You take the chocolate out of the shopping trolley and head off to the express lane tills, while you shamelessly leave your SO in the queue with everything else. You’re done in a fraction of the time, plus chocolate eaten, while your SO is maybe now only start unpacking the trolley to check out.

Doesn’t that sound grand? Well, that’s one way of thinking about traffic prioritization. Or at least that’s the way I imagine it from time to time. If you have a better idea, please leave it in the comments below!


Or the Internet could be described as this...

MWEB SA Server List & ADSL for Gamers

Here is our current list of game servers for general public use that get the above treatment to give you an awesome gaming experience. Please note that this list excludes match-making servers and other “official” servers provided by third-parties.

Don't forget to check out MWEB's ADSL for gamers, and MWEB's Fibre for gamers.

Last but not least, remember you can also rent servers from us at extremely affordable prices, and by affordable I mean less than a meal at Spur. Find the list of servers you can rent here

For your convenience we've listed the game title with the IP address.

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