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The name every gamer should never forget

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Do you remember Justin Carter? It's a name every gamer should remember. He was jailed in 2013 over a League of Legends argument, and he is still under house arrest. Justin celebrated his 21st birthday as a prisoner in his home. The DA is persisting in their case of "terrorism" against Carter. Here's a quick look at the events that turned young Carter's life into a prison.

Timeline of events

14 December 2012: Massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. Adam Lanza (20 years old) fatally shoots 20 children and six staff members. This tragic event had no relation to Justin Carter, other than that it would set the stage for what happened next.

March 2013 - Carter gets involved in a Facebook argument after a League of Legends match. Unknown person to Carter:

"Oh you're insane, you're crazy, you're messed up in the head,.."

To which Carter replied:

"I'm f---ed in the head alright. I think I'ma (sic) shoot up a kindergarten and watch the blood of the innocent rain down and eat the beating heart of one of them.". loljk."

Carter lived with his parents, and coincidentally, their house is located near a Primary School. A random stranger (a woman from Canada), saw the Facebook argument, took Carter's words serious, (despite the "loljk"). She somehow found his address, saw it was near a school, and drew the conclusion that Carter was going to go on a killing spree.

She contacts the police; they also take it as a serious terrorist threat.

24 March 2013 - 19-year-old Justin Carter Jailed.

Fined: $500 000 and eight years in jail - Court fines him $500 000, of which his parents had to pay $50 000 (10%) to get him released on bail.

Carter released on bail - An anonymous donor paid the $50 000 bail. The Court instructed that he must live with his grandparents because he is seen as a threat to his younger siblings. He was also not allowed to come within 1 000 feet of any place where children might gather, and he can't have access to the Internet.

11 July 2013 - Justin's attorney makes his case:

“If the government is going to say ‘we’re threatened by this speech,’ there has to be a ‘clear and present danger,’” (1969 U.S. Supreme Court case Brandenburg vs. Ohio.) “You can advocate for a new government, you can even advocate for violent rebellion. But what you can’t do is talk about specific things. ‘On such and such day, I’m going to call on everyone to kill so-and-so.’ You can talk about your disdain for the government, you can talk about your disdain for other individuals, you can be argumentative, and the reality is our law enforcement has gotten that picture since 1969…they know they can’t lock people up for their speech.”

December 2013 - Judge denies Carter's request to dismiss his case

26 Aug 2014 - Justin returns to court where his attorney would argue that his incarceration was unconstitutional and that the alleged threat was not intended as a serious threat, meaning something he would act on.

06 July 2015 - A few hours ago, Justin's mother, Jennifer Carter, released the following statement on their petition:

In Case You Thought This Was Old News

Jul 6, 2015 — Just an update that the DA's office is still pursuing the case against Justin Carter. It was been over 2 years, and due to his bond conditions, he is essentially under house arrest. Which basically means his life has been on pause for the last 2 years. He couldn't even celebrate his 21st birthday due to his bond conditions. So please keep it up, sign the petition, and let the DA know that you haven't forgotten him!
Thank you!

We have not forgotten. If you've not yet signed the petition, then I urge you to do so. If we're honest, then we'll have to admit that we could've been Justin. It's so easy to get into a heated argument because of something that happened in an online match. Especially with games like League of Legends. If you've played online games, then I am sure you've said some things you didn't mean and regretted after.

No, I am not saying it's right. I am also not saying Carter shouldn't receive punishment. I am saying, let the punishment fit the crime. What say you?

Sign the petition HERE. My heart goes out to his family. I hope that Justin will somehow be able to pick up the pieces of his life.

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