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Top Tuesday: 5 Free Android exclusive games

While Android and iOS are beginning to share many of their hits cross-platform, there's still a surprising array of unique titles available exclusively on Android. Not that you would know that, since the Android Market place is a surprisingly clumsy place to search. To save you the trouble, games™ done all the trawling and found five top flight games that are only playable with the little green robot. Best of all, they're free.

Raiden - Sky Force Ace
Developer: LeTang Inc.

raiden skyforceace.jpg
It has nothing to do with the long-running Raiden arcade series, but that doesn't make Sky Force Ace a bad game. On the contrary, this retro style shoot-em-up has the sort of visuals that remind us of the good old days, while the touch-to-drag controls that are now a standard of the genre work perfectly. Best of all, this free app is, unlike so many others, genuinely free of hidden costs. No in-app purchases and no intrusive adverts How refreshing.

Fallen Realms
Developer: Sega of America
OS: 2.1

Neatly sidestepping the issues associated with touch-controlled devices, Sega's Fallen Realms strips the RPG down to the bare essentials, making both combat and movement into turn-based setups that require little more than a single tap to initiate. Anyone who fondly remembers dungeon crawling RPGs like Final Fantasy V or Sega's own Shining in the Darkness will find a lot to like here, especially the level of no-nonsense gameplay. In-app purchases, on the other had, are less welcome.

Fight Game: Heroes
Developer: FIght Game Interactive
OS: 2.3

A genuinely engaging beat-em-up is tough thing to achieve on mobile, but Fight Game: Heroes is one of the closest yet. It also cheats a little, optimised as it is for the Xperia Play, and thus using its PlayStation track pad and button setup to help realise its ambitious level of special moves. Still, with plenty of single-player brawls to smash through and highly entertaining multiplayer option, it's one of the Xperia Play's most impressive third-party releases.

Pocket Empires Online
Developer: Friendol Inc
OS: 1.5

Like so many browser and Facebook games, Pocket Empires Online combines time management elements and MMO progression as you grow your civilisation and harvest, build, research and explore your way to the kingdom of your dreams. The whole thing plays out in persistent real time, with more to do than just sit around waiting for hours while your workers upgrade structures - roaming monsters add a sense of adventure that is't usually seen in these kind of games and it makes a nice change.

Developer: GamersZone
OS: 2.2

With its simple interface and lovely painterly art style that fits very well its MIddle Ages aesthetic, Arrowhead take a fair stab at a shooting gallery-style game. Armed with a crossbow, the player must aim and fire with both speed and accuracy, spamming bolts at a rifle-range-style fortification as enemies pop up in windows. It's also, as far as we're aware, the only game available (Android or otherwise) that tasks players with shooting through ropes to save people from choking on the hangman's gibbet. Who says originality is dead.
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