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The Southern Barbarians fall in battle - An early Nations Cup exit


The Southern Barbarians, a Battlefield 4 (BF4) team from South Africa, showed the world last year that our local players can not only compete with the best, but also beat the best. Our local heroes were crowned world champions of the prestigious ESL Nation’s Cup in July 2014.

In March the Southern Barbarians undertook the mammoth task of defending their title against the best BF4 teams in the world. Unfortunately they dropped out in the group stages after a grueling tournament, as high latency plagued the team.

A 200 ping fall from grace

In the 2014 Nations Cup, the server distribution rules where 50/50, meaning that the Southern Barbarians had to play one round on an international server and one on a local server. This tournament is another Nations Cup with a different host who made their own rules, rules which were quite different from ESL Nations Cups. Therefore, all rounds are played on sponsored, European servers. Last night, the Southern Barbarians played their final group match against Italy and lost, resulting in an unexpected exit from the Nations Cup.

Sean “Suumpmolk” McCalgan, better known as “Scoper”, the current captain the Southern Barbarians as well as Bravado Gaming’s BF4 squad, talks about the Southern Barbarians’ early exit:

We played our last group match last night against Italy, we lost against them. Only beat Turkey in the group, so not moving on to the next stage. The ping difference, because we were forced to play all games on EU servers, was just too detrimental.

To give you an idea of the advantage low ping gives a team, here is what happened when the Southern Barbarians played the UK last year:

  • Round 1 took place on the UK server where they all had 200 ping. The Southern Barbarians lost the round with 290 tickets.
  • Round 2 took place on a local server, where the UK players had 200 ping. The Southern Barbarians won the round by 295 tickets, thereby claiming victory.

It is clear that the high latency had an effect on the team’s performance. Unfortunately for our local team, they could not overcome the almost insurmountable odds of facing the top teams in the world with a large ping disadvantage. However, the Southern Barbarians went down swinging, putting up an admirable fight.

Group stage results – A fight to the bitter end

Although the Southern Barbarians did not advance past the group stages, they went down fighting. Against top teams in the world, they still had some impressive results, beating Turkey in their opening game.

Southern Barbarians defeats Turkey

Map one: Zavod

  • SB 152 - 0 TUR
  • SB 143 - 0 TUR

Map two: Flood

  • SB 40 - 0 TUR
  • SB 318 - 0 TUR

Germany defeats Southern Barbarians

Map one: Hainan

  • GER 305 - 0 SB
  • GER 316 - 0 SB

Map two: Parcel Storm

  • GER 344 - 0 SB
  • GER 289 - 0SB

Russia defeats Southern Barbarians

Map one: Golmud Railway

  • RU 163 – 0 DB
  • RU 168 – 0 SB

Map two: Lancang Dam

  • RU 220 – 0 SB
  • RU 126 – 0 SB

Italy defeats Southern Barbarians

Map one: Shanghai

  • ITA 288-0 SB
  • ITA 66-0 SB

Map two: Rogue

  • ITA 181-0 SB
  • ITA 0-51 SB

In the final round against Italy, the Southern Barbarians still fought tooth and nails, clawing out an impressive round victory on Rogue. The determination of our local players should show the world that South African gamers are a force to be reckoned with.

In honorable memory of the 2015 Southern Barbarian team

The team include 37 of the top BF4 players in South Africa, captianed by Sean “Suumpmolk” McCalgan. In honorable memory of the 2015 Southern Barbarian team, here are all the players involved.

Suumpmolk, xTc-Sabrefox91o, xTc-Templar, xTc-XacT, xTc-theB, xTc-ScreaM, lStatsl, lCoUchl, Grizzlah_ZA, Alpha-Renji, EDDYYZ37, puLse-HackZoR777, puLse-HadoGenes, WitchersChaos, TroniX, puLse-22Mike22, xTc-Lang-Slang, xTc-Kierenblade, xTc-Demonix and Vanadium.

Image 1.jpg 

Thank you, Southern Barbarians, for representing our local Battlefield community and never giving up.  

Do you think the Southern Barbarians can recreate their 2014 success next year? Can South African gamers compete with a high ping disadvantage? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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