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Valve Partners With Dark Horse Comics

You read the title right: Valve is partnering with Dark Horse Comics to publish a series titled Valve Presents: The Sacrifice and other Steam-Powered Stories. The stories will take place in the Team Fortress, Portal and Left 4 Dead universes and will be presented in hard cover. The books will be over 200 pages of glorious Valve-y goodness.


Valve is known for it’s amazing in-game scripting and it’s likely that the comic books will follow suit. We’ll just have to wait and see if Mr Stephen Merchant is up for a few voice-overs. Knowing Valve, the attention to detail won’t stop there: The series is probably going to be extremely beautiful with great attention to the art, which is very characteristic in their titles.

Valve has promised us a couple of unusual announcements and releases in 2012, and I’m hoping that this comic book release isn’t considered one of those surprises. We were told about DoTA2 and Portal 2. I’m desperately holding out for Half Life 3, or even just Episode 3. Deep down inside I’m secretly wishing the stories aren’t limited to the few titles they’ve selected and will surprise us with some bizzare announcement for Half Life 3. It’s possible, Valve have done stranger things in the past. Then again, I scoured Portal 2 praying for a hint at HL3 but to no avail.

The comic is launching on the 16th of November State-side for a decent $19.99. There’s no word on it reaching SA shores in an official capacity, but if it does, chances are you’ll have to sell your left kidney for the thing. And it might just be worth it.

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