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Rage Enrages PC Players

Rage is out and the PC crowd are not happy. Well, that's according to and The articles go into detail of how gamer's experience incredibly lag and terrible texture pop in. John Carmack blames AMD, stating that the drivers AMD prompted gamers to install just the day before launch have rendered the game unplayable (epic pun intended). As of now, AMD have fixed the issue with new drivers, and it'd be wise for you to update before installing the game.

Unfortunately, that's not where the drama ends. There are reports of intermittent lag spikes, crashing and textures that have gone AWOL. It's likely these issues will be solved in the near future, so don't worry too much, maybe just give this weekend a break? Or if you can't wait to give it a spin, the console versions might be a better option for now.

Seems to be the trend in PC gaming as of late, so here's hoping this is the last of this type of experience. There has been talk and rumours of the PC market returning and reclaiming dominance with services like Steam, OnLive and getting ever stronger.

If you're a PC gamer, what experiences have you had that undermine the experience in the machine? Do you think PC gamers feel neglected as a result in this seemingly console dominated generation? The state of this segment of the gaming market is very interesting, and if anybody's going to resurrect it to the primary hot-seat of the gaming industry, who better than John Carmack.

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