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Starcraft 2: The Heart of the Swam is on its way

The Heart of the Swarm is on it's way, bringing a whole new Zerg campaign into the Starcraft universe. New multiplayer units with the new Heart of the Swarm is something Blizzard has been really tight-lipped about. The game is so incredibly balanced that initially you'd expect they didn't throw a spanner in the works so to speak. But on Wednesday they revealed this silluhette of a mysterious Terran unit on their Facebook page. 


Putting in an extra multiplayer unit could indirectly force expansion sales which might disappoint casual Starcraft 2 players. Activision, who own Blizzard and publish the Guitar Hero and the Call of Duty franchises, have done similar things in the past. Call of Duty plonks you into a lobby, regardless of what DLC or map-packs  you own and drops you as soon as the match starts if you don't own the map-pack being played. It's a frustrating experience, and it's likely that a lot of map-pack sales are created just to ensure you don't get dropped frequently.

Here's hoping Heart of the Swarm doesn't breed this experience and ruin the Starcraft multiplayer. Blizzard have a great track record of making quality games, but with recent pressure Activision have placed on Blizzard to increase production, this sort of damage might be out of the companies hands and straight into those of the shareholders.

Who/what do you think the hidden Terran unit is? And do you think the unit will be exclusive to the single player or added to the multiplayer matches? Do you think it'll break Starcraft as we know it?

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