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New Gears of War 3 Easter Egg

CliffyB and the boys didn’t shortchange us when it comes to Easter eggs in Gears of War 3. My favourite so far has been Cole Train slipping down the slide in the playground of his hometown. Just like most things in Gears, it’s ridiculous.

The latest Easter egg is a soiled arcade machine hidden in Act IV - Chapter 1 of the campaign. According to the video (I haven’t tried this myself), it seems you have to shoot some eye thingy out of a window of torn-up building that’s off into the distance. That breaks open a wall and reveals door in a cloud of sparks to the left of the map.

Once you kick down the door typical Gears fashion, it reveals a big ammo pack but do not be fooled! Most people would just assume that’s where the surprise ends, but alas, there is an arcade machine in the corner. After giving it a couple of kicks, it launches the apparently Limbo meets Gears of War fictional arcade game called Sawed-Off Chicken.

Screen shot 2011-10-07 at 12.09.19 PM.png

It doesn’t seem to last very long from the video, but it’s a nice little touch. Would’ve been cool if they went to the same depth as Red Dead Redemption did with it’s in-game minigames. I suppose they didn’t have to and it’s a cool

It’s sort of like Inception: A game within a game, within a game, within a...

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