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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt file size is (not) a monster

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According to Paradiger, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt for PlayStation 4 is a massive 50 GB. Dragon Age: Inquisition was 41GB and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 43GB. The Xbox One file size will probably match that of the PlayStation 4. Remember, the 50 GB is without the free 16 DLCs, so be prepared to clear up a lot more of your hard drive space. According to CD Projekt RED, Witcher 3 will be one of the most beautiful role-playing games ever released. The game will also have incredible sound and at least 100 hours of game time. Wild Hunt is also "30 times larger" than any previous Witcher game and "20% bigger" than Skyrim.


  • PlayStation 4 - The previously stated 50GB for PlayStation 4 is incorrect, the correct size is 35GB.
  • Xbox One - 25.15GB as per the Xbox Store.
  • PC - 35GB as per Steam

Will The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt be the first real "next-gen" game? We expected Assassin's Creed: Unity to be the "most innovative leap for next-gen gaming", but instead the game was infested with glitches, bugs and performance issues. Wild Hunt runs on CD Projekt RED's new graphics engine, RED Engine3, which was designed specifically for "nonlinear role-playing video games" set in "vast open world environments."

"REDengine 3 is a new technology, utilizing the 64-bit precision of modern personal computing. The engine produces better quality computer graphics via high dynamic range rendering with the 64-bit precision. It also creates "more life-like" visuals — better graphics, better lighting effects, better in-depth views. Furthermore, it introduces new improvements to facial as well as other computer animation.Lighting effects no longer suffer from reduced contrast ratio.

CD Projekt RED also confirmed that Witcher 3 will run at 1080p and 30 fps. PC gamers will need a monster PC to run Wild Hunt on the recommended PC specs. Please note that CD Projekt RED has not confirmed the file size, we will update the article should they make an official announcement. 

The Wither 3: Wild Hunt will release on 19 May 2015, so there's still time for you to upgrade your PC to play the best role-playing game of 2015. You can pre-order it from for PCPlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Looking at the file size, it's wise to have an uncapped ADSL account, so check out MWEB's current deals. Remember, MWEB gives priority to gaming traffic.

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