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RUMOUR: Apple’s Buying Valve


Last week one of the top stories in tech was Apple CEO Tim Cook’s visit to Valve’s studios. Tim Cook doesn’t just stop over for tea, especially to a game development company, so the big question is “What was he doing there?”. While many sites have given their theories as to the purpose behind the visit, the most popular being Cult of Mac’s little birdy that claims they’re licencing Steam for their Apple TV’s that will launch before the end of the year, we’ve got a prediction of our own: Apple is buying Valve out.

In hindsight, this makes a lot of sense. It’s not as wild a suggestion as one might initially think and here’s why:

Steam’s Users
Steam’s user-base is a whopping 30 million active users, that’s 30 million active gamers that Apple never had. If Steam’s primary platform was Apple’s MacBook, that’s a potential killer against the PC. Then again, it might blow new wind into Origin’s sails for the PC platform.

Final Frontier

Apple have just about everything. They’ve conquered a large percentage of the personal computer market, they’ve transformed the music industry, they’re transforming the television industry and have dipped their toes into gaming. Gaming, especially hardcore gaming, is Apple’s final frontier. And who else better to sweep up than gaming’s greatest ecosystem and acclaimed developers, Valve?

They Can Afford It
Apple is worth nearly $500 Billion. That’s more than a lot of things including the global coffee industry. Yup. It’s a little mind-blowing. Thing is, Apple don’t really understand games and setting up an internal department that plugs a system from the ground up into Apple’s ecosystem is more risky than it sounds. Enter Valve, you’ve basically diminished your risk a fair amount and happen to have a bunch of extremely loyal users who might Mac to play Half-Life Episode 3.

This is all speculation of course. But if it goes down, you heard it here first, on GameZone. Now to sit back and see what Tim Cook’s got up his sleeve.

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