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Designed by Iron Monkey(Who also gave us Dead Space for iOS) and published for EA Games and available for only $6.99 on the Apple Appstore, it’s a combat themed companion game that closely resembles the genuine MASS EFFECT™  games.

The iOS-based game, which is designed exclusively for iPod touch, iPhone and the iPad doesn’t follow the adventures of the main MASS EFFECT™ series of Commander Sheppard. While Commander Sheppard is off battling the Reapers, you take on the persona of Randal Enzo, a longtime Cerberus agent who falls afoul of the techniques of the paramilitary organization and begins fighting back after he witnesses the true cruelty of Cerberus.


Set mostly in and around a Cerberus base where experiments are performed on various species, you’ll battle dozens of Cerberus agents, prisoners, mechs and mutants as you try to take down the facility from the inside out. You have at your disposal many of the tools seen in the main series: weapons, abilities and biotics, and you’ll need to use them all across the game’s nine levels, as you are outnumbered at almost every turn.

This game is all about mastering the cover system, you will quickly find out how frustrating this game can get if you do not make proper use of cover at all times. Effective transitioning between the various cover objects will give you the upper hand on any enemy trying to take you out.

The game really looks visually stunning and the levels are really well designed. The music and fx sounds are great, headphones are recommended. The downsides to this game is that the controls are not so easy to use, maybe I just need to get a bit more practice with the touch controls, sometimes the controls become completely unresponsive for a few seconds, or a gesture is misinterpreted for a different action. Another downside is that if you target and start firing at an enemy, and one of his pals walks into the cross fire, neither of them take any damage, also if they get too close to you, it seems like you are shooting straight through them.


After each round of combat, you get scored for your tactical execution and gain credits that you can use in the store to purchase new weapons, armor, upgrades and abilities. After you have completed the game, you can come back to each level and try to get 3 stars on each round of combat using your upgraded weapons and gear. The game is replay-able, but does get a bit tedious after a while.

Throughout the game you collect intel packets that can be used: if you’ve connected your copy of MASS EFFECT™ INFILTRATOR to MASS EFFECT™ 3 by logging into your Origin account, you can upload the intel and improve your Galactic Readiness Rating or you can exchange intel for credits to spend on equipment and upgrades in the MASS EFFECT™ INFILTRATOR store.

I really enjoyed playing the game, even though I found it frustrating at most points, especially the boss fights. I give this game and 8 out of 10 rating, losing 2 to the downsides mentioned earlier. All in all, it is definitely worth it, especially if you are a fan of the MASS EFFECT™ series.


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