South Africa is heading to Baku for the 2014 World Championship

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Mind Sports South Africa and its National Federation teams have been preparing throughout 2014 for the eSports World Championships hosted by The International eSports Federation (IeSF) in Baku, Azerbaijan. The World Championships will run from 12-16 November where South Africa will face some of its toughest competition to date.

Online and regional qualifiers, as well as international friendlies, helped prepared the national team for the 2014 World Championship. The teams are in their final stages of preparation and practice before they head off to represent our country on the world stage. South Africa has already faced off against Egypt, Finland and Namibia for Dota 2 as well as Finland for StarCraft II in International Friendlies. At the World Championship, South Africa will face the likes of Austria, Azerbaijan, China, Egypt, Finland, Georgia, South Korea, Mongolia, Norway, Romania, Russia, Sweden and Tunisia.

Team China is the team that won The International 2014. South Africa will face giants.

When we take a look at the teams South Africa will face at Baku, then perhaps the correct question is not "Is our national team ready?", but rather, "Is our national team ready to learn from other world-class teams?" Taking part in such an event can add tremendous value to the growth of the team. Exposure to such a high level of competition can benefit a player, or break his or her morale. We want to encourage our cyber athletes to grab this opportunity with both hands.

Throughout this year, our Dota 2 national team has faced opponents of varying skill level. The team had mostly faced defeat, except when they took on Namibia.

South Africa vs. Namibia

Last weekend Team South Africa took on Namibia in Dota 2. This match felt more like an even match up between two Southern African teams. Namibia, in my opinion, suffer from similar issues in terms of competitive play ranging from poor infrastructure and lack of international competitive experience. South Africa took the victory 2-0 in a two relatively close games.

As Namibia is still new to the competitive gaming realm the odds were stacked against them. Personally I'd have put them at about 60-40 in favour of South Africa, but this being a new Namibian team (As opposed to the teams we saw in MSI Beat IT) anything was possible. The Namibian play style is very similar to South Africa. They play mostly on South African servers as well as European, so this was a tight match. South Africa pulled ahead in game one but struggled in the late game to breach the enemy base.

In my personal opinion there are still a few problems which Team South Africa need to address before departing for Baku. I felt their draft were lacking synergy and cohesion.

The Dota 2 team consisted of:

  • Ion "Ion" Todd (Captain)
  • Jason "Mechrim" Bredberg
  • Dylan "PIXELPUSHA" Henderson
  • Saleem "Slimz" Manjoo
  • Timothy "Zealot" Van Reenan Mostert


MWEB GameZone wishes the National teams best of luck as they prepare for the IeSF World Championships. The competition will be tough but the experience is invaluable. The team departs for Baku for the championship on the 11th of November. From the taste of local talent we've seen here at the M-Cave we hope for the best for our South African teams.

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