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I came across these breadcrumbs yesterday while looking at the Wing Commander Saga fan-made game which was recently released. As you may or may not know, Good Old Games have been around for a couple of years now, an online retailer of older, DRM-free games, that have been made to work on modern platforms. they also go out of their way to recreate materials that came with the games, including online versions of the original manuals, soundtracks, and all sorts of extra goodies, usually above and beyond what the original game had.

Some examples of their games include the Sierra Online collection, the Zork series, the old Ultima titles, the Wing Commander series (hence the Wing Commander searching noted above) and plenty more, usually all for under USD $10, and in most cases, under USD $6. A personal example was me wanting to play Planescape:Torment again, a Dungeons & Dragons game based on technology from the original Baldurs Gate series. 5 Dollars, and a 1GB download later, I was installed and playing. I couldn't find my original copy, I had the box, but my disks had vanished. Three days later, my brother found the disks hiding in an another old games box. Oh well, at least I know the GOG version works with Windows 7, and works well. Plus, do CD-swapping!

The guys over at have been releasing a series of ads on Youtube recently, showing off the challenges of the modern gamer, such as here with the DRM Knight, with a suspicious-looking attachment coming out the back of its head:

Another ad, exposing the problems with gamers purchasing the same game in different regions:

Yet another, telling the sad tale of what us gamers get with our online purchases, or not, for that matter.

Then finally, the gaming Connoisseur being able to sniff out what games come on what media. It is this final ad that makes me wonder, and indeed, every user of as to what these guys are up to. Taking everything together as a whole, it looks promising. Suppose we'll be finding out on On Tuesday, March 27th at 09:00 GMT.

Hang on, that's about now, local time!

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