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BioWare: EA aren't calling the shots

And here we were blaming EA for making the changes in Mass Effect and Dragon Age. The backlash regarding Dragon Age 2 especially was telling, as even with the changes to make game play more accessible, the game sold less than it's predecessor.  Mass Effect too has gone from an RPG lite to a TPS with a dialogue tree. Many people bemoan BioWare's changes towards the more simplistic or "streamlined" as they like to say and I hope they address this by realizing there is room for both simple and complex games.

Selected quotes from the article:

"One thing we commonly see is when fans don't like something we do, they put in the comments, 'Oh those EA guys, they're making BioWare do...' And I always chuckle because we are EA, we're BioWare - we're both, and we still have huge autonomy in terms of what we do," Greg Zeschuk told Eurogamer.

 "We're not being forced to do anything or told to do anything. We make the decisions. We take input.

 "It's just funny when people say that, because it's not actually remotely true."

 "At the end of the day, we're responsible for the quality of the content and games we release, and we're committed to try and always take feedback really seriously from our fans and be humble about how we take it - use it to make the next games better," Ray Muzyka added.

 "You're only as good as your next game, and that's the way we've always felt. That's still very much a philosophy at BioWare; quality in our products and delivering each game and exceeding expectations and always trying to delight and surprise our consumers. That's still what we try and do."

Via EuroGamer

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