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The New Humble Bundle for Android is out!

The guys over at Humble Bundle have done it again with another release of indie games that'll work on Android... and Windows, Mac and Linux! All the usual things you'd expect from these guys applies: pay what you want, DRM free, support charity, runs on everything (well, maybe not iGadgets).

This Bundle includes Osmos - a physics game dealing with growing your mote by absorbing other motes - er.. biology stuff. Edge is a physics game about rolling your cube around a 100 levels with some spectacular visuals and effects - trippy... Anomaly is a reverse tower defense game set in the Middle East along with invading aliens. And not to be underdone by their previous bundles  - pay more than the average going now, and you'll get World of Goo thrown in as well. 

Charities being supported this time around, once again are Childs Play and the EFF. Although the EFF doesn't really apply to us in our neck of the global village, they do do important stuff, like get your stuff back from Megaupload...

At the time of me waking up to 50 000 bundles sold, 64 000+ bundles have been sold! Woohoo!

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