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Exercise Turns Into A Zombie Survival Horror

Gaming is becoming far more mainstream and ‘gamifying’* life activities is becoming very popular. It’s improving a few things and making mundane tasks a little more interesting. One such example of really awesome gamification is a new iOS and Android app called “Zombies, Run!”.


It’s a running app, sort of like the popular RunKeeper except with a twist: It’s a zombie-survival horror game. Six to Start, the company behind the genius app, started with a humble KickStarter project and is now seeing their baby come into full fruition.

It’s devilishly simple: You play as ‘Runner 5’, a survivor in a Fall Out-esque post apocalyptic world. Your playlist is interrupted while you run by voice-recorded messages from other survivors alerting you of an incoming wave of zombies or supplies, urging you to put foot in order to survive. The meta-game is cleverly using the supplies you collect on your run and managing your inventory to upgrade your base.


Once you’ve completed a run, you can cash in the resources you’ve earned during that exercise to unravel more of the plot written by Naomi Alderman, a highly regarded BBC novelist who wrote Disobedience and a Doctor Who: Borrowed Time.

The story functions like a seasonal TV series, with the first series starting off with 24 episodes that play out depending on the decisions you make and the way you allocate resources when you get back to base at the end of your run.

It’s an adventure game, a zombie survival horror and an exercise routine. Be prepared to turn your workout routine into a choose-your-own-adventure game.

The game hasn’t been completed yet but development is underway. Preorder it from their site to support this great project.

*Yucky word

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