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Miss Your GameBoy? Take a Trip Down Memory Lane...

If you’re anything like me, you miss your good ‘ol GameBoy. In fact I didn’t own one as my folks couldn’t afford it but I do miss hogging my friends one. The technology has gotten so old and so easily accessible that some smart developers have made a rather exciting browser-based emulator for the GameBoy Color. Straight off the bat, they have a ton of popular games that have lasted the test of time. My favourites have got to be Metroid, Mega Man, Zelda and Super Mario Land 2. Oh, and of course Battletoads. Those guys are badasses.


It works exceptionally well. It’s developed in Javascript and functions in most browsers that support HTML5. I just have a few minor requests. I’d love to embed the GameBoy Color onto any site but they haven’t seemed to have gotten there yet. They have included the ability to drag and drop .gb and .gbc files into the emulator which extends the library and decreases your hours at work. Goodbye online Flash games!

Another welcomed addition which I’m sure they’re working on is a mobile version with touchscreen compatibility and offline functionality. Right now, it’s running extremely slow on my iPhone, has no music and no touchscreen support. Playing this on the train on my iPhone or iPad would definitely make trains a better experience.

And finally, I want more than just the GameBoy Color! I want to see a NES, SNES and Sega Genesis 16bit versions. A browser version of Earthworm Jim would make my lunch hour.

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