The Problem With Being a Video Games Journalist

Recently there's been a lot of criticism directed towards Geoff Keighley, a prominent video games journalist who's content platforms are full of advertising. The claim is that his content is biased as a result of this advertising, a claim I feel is unfair. I have recieved similar complaints regarding the content that I produce for my media so I try, in a rather stumbley fashion, to explain how I feel in this video.<br /><br />There is a large disparity between medium and what is being communicated, or at least, the intention of communication. You wouldn't criticize IGN for not being People magazine, so why criticize People magazine-like publications for not creating IGN-length and detailed articles?<br /><br />Music by The Kiffness:<br /><br />----------------------------------------­--------------------------------------<br />----------------------------------------­--------------------------------------<br />YouTube:<br />Twitter:<br />Facebook:<br />Instagram:

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