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Past Cure Teaser Trailer

Past Cure is a supernatural thriller and a stealth action game inspired by Inception, Silent Hill, and the Metal Gear series. That's according to the developer, Phantom 8 Studio. In Past Cure, you play as Ian, a former elite soldier who is trying to escape the nightmares of his life as a soldier. He has been through a series of experiments that had the unexpected side effect of him acquiring a few unique talents. He can manipulate time and is telekinetic. These powers also have a side effect as it causes Ian's mind to shift between reality and a hallucinogenic state. With the help of his brother, Ian sets out on a journey to discover the truth behind his situation as well as seeking revenge. Past Cure releases on 23 February for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. There is a demo available on Steam that you can play right now.

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