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The Evil Within 2 Story Trailer - Say Your Prayers

Every good horror story should include a mad priest, or wannabe god, and in The Evil Within 2 it's Theodore. He claims that he has the same mission as the player (finding the girl), but for very different reasons. His story trailer doesn't give much away, and Bethesda notes that "Of all the characters in The Evil Within 2, Theodore is perhaps the most shrouded in mystery. Any detail about his past pushes into HUGE SPOILER territory. In other words, you’ll have to play the game in order to unlock the secrets he hides." We do, however, get a few clues as to his holy mission - creating a new world where he is god. He wants to use Sebastian's daughter and her connection to the STEM device to power up his mad, alternate reality. If you co-operate with Theodore he'll give you "true freedom" and "eternal peace." It's time to say your prayers. The Evil Within 2 releases on Friday, October 13th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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