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JackFrags shows support for SA Battlefield 1 local server plea

JackFrags is a well know YouTuber as well as Battlefield veteran. In his latest Fog of War video he talks about the current pros and cons of rent-a-server. His main issue with the beta version is that even though you pay for a server, you can't really admin it - the same things we've discussed in previous RSP articles. At 9.40 he talks about how BF1 fans from Africa, South-east Asia and South Africa approached him about the lack of local servers in their respective regions. As you well know, from MWEB GameZone's side we've hit a massive brick wall with the no 3rd-party policy. It's very thoughtful of Jack to give us - and he specially mentions the South African Battlefield community - a shoutout in his video. It's more than we can say of our local YouTubers! So, a massive thank you to JackFrags, I hope you're all subscribers to his channel.

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