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PlayStation Store Highlights - Reaching for the stars

PlayStation Access brings us this week's PlayStation Store Highlights for Wednesday, 2 November to Tuesday, 8 Nov. PS4 players can blast off into space this week when Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launches on Friday. Megarom is hosting the South African launch party at the MCave where they have a PS4 console, Legacy Edition & lots more up for grabs. We all know that Infinite Warfare has received a lot of negative feedback because of the futuristic setting, but we can also not deny that Infinity Ward has shared information that makes the game not just futuristic, but also offer features not yet seen in a Call of Duty game. Things like space combat, flying the Jackal (and there's VR capabilities for PS4), commanding the massive Retribution, a very strong single-player campaign, Rigs combat and lots more. Also releasing this week is the HITMAN finale, Moto Racer 4, Super Dungeon Bros, Earth's Dawn and more.

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