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Titanfall 2 - This is Legion

Legion is your tank in Titanfall 2. His Ogre-based chassis gives him the stamina to withstand a lot of damage. Legion also deals more damage than Stryder and Atlas, and he can also take the brunt of the attack when he deploys his shield core. His base health is higher at 10500 units, but his speed lower at 5m/sec. You'll want to use Legion in close-quarters combat, but make sure his flanks are covered by the faster moving Titans. Save your shield core when Legion's health starts to get low as it immediately doubles his maximum shield capacity. However, keep in mind that while the shield core is activated, shield generation is disabled.His main weapon is the Predator Cannon that can use long range as well as short range ammo. The canon's primary perk is its smart core that auto locks on any targets within close range. Secondly it comes with the power shot which well, adds some power to the cannon. Use Legion for defense and for maintaining control over an area. Titanfall 2 releases on October 28 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Origin PC.

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