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Sony Explain Brazil's PlayStation 4 price tag of R18000

by Nicholas Holden (Holden ZA)  Posted Wednesday, October 23, 2013 11:50:21 AM


The past week has been rather depressing for Brazilian PlayStation 4 fans as the pricing announcement from Sony placed the console at 3,999 Brazilian Real, or around R18 000. Needless to say, the consumers of the country are rather unimpressed by the pricing. Sony has since responded and put the blame on taxes for the high asking price of the next gen console. 


In a post on the official PlayStation blog for Brazil, the brand's Latin America general manager Mark Stanley explained that nearly two-thirds of that asking price goes towards import taxes in Brazil, while another 22 percent goes to the distributors. 

Sony then went on to state that it is actually going to be charging around R4 000 for the console before all the other tax is added on to the price. In fact, Sony have stated that they have knocked almost R1200 off the actual price to land on the final figure of 3,999 Brazilian Real. 

ps4 brazil.jpg

Stanley went on to not that Sony is not happy about this arrangement, stating that "it is not good for our consumers, and it is not good for the PlayStation brand." 

Thankfully the rest of the world will not be suffering from the same burden as Brazil, here we take a look at some of the rest of the worlds pricing for the PlayStation 4: 

  • USA: $399 (R3 898.23)
  • Europe: 399 EUR (R5 366.55)
  • United Kingdom: £349.99 (R5 550.84)
  • Australia: $549.00 (R5 177.07)
  • Brazil: 3999.00 Brazilian Real (R18 000)
  • South Africa: R6 299.00

It looks like us South African will be getting off relatively easy, in comparison to our 3rd world compatriots across the pond. When compared to the US though we pay a massive R2 401 more and compared to Europe only R933. How do you feel about these price comparisons?

The expected date of release of the PlayStation 4 locally is on the 13th of December, so make sure that you get you pre-orders in! 

You can pre-order your now 

Do you think that anyone in Brazil will be forking out that amount of cash for the PlayStation 4, more importantly would you ever pay that amount of cash? Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on Facebook or Twitter. 

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