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PlayStation 4 new Camera: an Xbox copycat?

by Nicholas Holden (Holden ZA)  Posted Monday, September 02, 2013 12:47:57 PM


Sony have confirmed that the PlayStation will now be able to do voice recognition via the new PlayStation Camera. 


The news of the new features for the Camera came out of a recent GameStop Expo in Las Vegas, where Sony delivered a presentation to retail staff. The staff were presumably not allowed to record the conference but luckily there was one on hand to get some sneaky footage of the presentation. 

Sony has not decided to go into much detail regarding the Camera, as a Europe spokesperson told EuroGamer: "We can confirm that PS Camera does allow voice recognition. We will share more details on this shortly." The announcement is expected to reveal features that will be similar to that of the Xbox One's Kinect that allows for integrated use of voice and movement to access and navigate the menus. 

Sony had initially planned to bundle the PlayStation Camera with the PlayStation 4, then decided against the idea to reduce the price of the console. If they had decided to leave it in the bundle, it would reflect a similar total price of what the Xbox One console is currently on pre-order for. 

With the added voice recognition as well as the movement and facial recognition, you have to start to wonder if their is actually going to be a major difference between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. Both consoles seem to be becoming more like one another with every announcement that gets made. The PlayStation camera will more than likely be announced to be a replica on the Kinect for the PlayStation 4. 


What do you think of the new PS camera? Do you think its an attempt to copy Microsoft's Kinect? 

Let us know by commenting below or hitting us up on twitter or Facebook. 

Please note that the opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and not MWEB Connect (Pty) Ltd


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