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PlayStation 4 will support bluetooth PS3 headsets

by Zubayr Bhyat (plut)  Posted Friday, July 19, 2013 8:04:00 AM



A Sony representative has told Polygon that the PlayStation 4 will support the old PlayStation 3 bluetooth headsets. What this means is that on top of the headset being shipped with the console, users will be able to use their existing wireless voice hardware. There was no mention of which manufacturers, such as, Tritton or Astro will be forming a solution to work with the next-gen PlayStation.

Microsoft has announced that they are looking into working on adapters to get 3rd party headsets to work with the Xbox One. According to Microsoft, more details will be provided closer to launch.


For more information check out Zaid's article for some interesting facts on the new PlayStation console. To be honest though, there's nothing really special here apart from the fact that the PlayStation 4 will be using bluetooth, where the Xbox One will not. Being able to use older hardware without having to pay for an adapter could be a bonus to players who may have lost or need to replace their headsets.

It's a good move on Sony's part, now it's time to see how Microsoft will react. Will they charge players extra for accessories on an already higher priced competitor? Or will they work on a different solution to save costs for their customers? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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