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Black Ops 2: DLC Vengeance Map Pack Inbound

by Nicholas Holden (Holden ZA)  Posted Wednesday, June 19, 2013 8:46:00 AM


vengence BO.jpg

The crew from Treyarch are out with their third DLC map pack for Black Ops 2. Vengence is set to be released on Xbox 360 on the 2nd of July and on other platforms in the first week of August. 

The Vengence map pack features four competitive map packs as well as one co-operative zombies map. The new map pack is set to bring some interesting new designs to the online competitive experience. There will also be a some relived memories for some fans of the original Black Ops players, as the map called Summit has been re-skinned. 

Competitive Maps 



  • Rocky Outpost island set in the Indian ocean
  • Close quarter confrontation 
  • Many intertwined paths that callow for many flanking opportunities


  • Closed down, multi-leveled bridge
  • Lower levels concentrates on close range battles
  • Top level allows for long distance battle



  • Paint ball Arena 
  • Speed Ball area for close range
  • Fast paced action 
  • Many cover locations 



  • Satellite control facility 
  • Reskinned map, Summit, from Black Ops 2
  • Top control is essential
  • Narrow pathway on the edge of map that can lead to plummeting to your death. 

Zombies Map: Buried 


  • Old Western Town that has sunk underground
  • New character that can be fought or used to benefit the 'team'.
  • New weapon called the Ray Gun: Mark II 

Ray Gun.jpg  

What do you think of the new map pack DLC for Black Ops 2?

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