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Monday Wake Up Call

by Rezaa De Vos (TolkenWhiteBoy)  Posted Monday, April 15, 2013 7:50:38 AM


Oculus Rift Videos Galore

People have received their Oculus Rift kickstarter orders and while the current way we view the record video is weird, it's worth a try.






WIldStar Massivly Multiplayer Online Gameplay


This video shows some improvements and new content on the new Scifi MMO Wild Star, the game does look flashy and has huge robots to play as.

Its been a long time coming and hopefully this will be a hit in the free 2 play scene.

Gamer Plays on as a Murder Happens


A man was stabbed to death in a Taiwanese Internet Cafe on April 3rd. Though the stabbing or the motivation behind it that wasn’t the story, it was the lack of action taken by other patrons of the cafe.

In the video one woman (or girl, hard to tell) was apparently unaware what was occurring so close to her vicinity even when blood splattered on her clothing. Unfortunately, its pretty hard to tell what exactly is going on since the video is cropped and blurred out.



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