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Weird and pointless educational video games

by Stephanie Duchenne (Panda McBearface)  Posted Wednesday, March 13, 2013 1:53:53 PM


This one time when I was a kid, my parents bought me a game called “I love Math!” made by Dorling Kindersley. I was initially dubious of the expectations created by such an emotionally enthusiastic title, but I played it nonetheless because my parents forced me to. Once I got over the feeling of betrayal created by the realisation that I was having a lot of fun while learning serious things (because really, that’s just the worse sort of trick), I found that I actually did love maths albeit for a very brief period.


I thought of this again the other day with fondness because it represented a halcyon time when numbers were not completely incomprehensible to me and as a result, I thought I’d look for other games that could teach me things about stuff. And I found some really weird and semi-pointless ones.

1. Budget Hero


I have just moved into my own spot and discovered that managing money is something that I suck at. I saw the title of this game and thought perhaps it could help me out. Turns out, it can’t because it’s pretty much designed to make you fail. It uses actual figures taken from the reports of the American Congressional Budget Office so that you can feel a realistic sense of futility when you realise that your proposed budget is stupid and has entangled you in a spider’s web of debt.

Play it here.

2. Typing of the Dead


You read that correctly. This game is a “re-imagining” of Sega shooter House of the Dead 2, where instead of shooting at zombies, you type simple phrases at them. I’m not sure if that’s a fun way of learning to touch type or not.

Download it here.

3. Sex Squad


I know where babies come from, but I had to check this out because it made me lol. This game is publically financed and was made by the Canadian government to teach kids about Sexually Transmitted Diseases by making you fight against an evil villain named The Sperminator who has penises for hands. What.

Play it here.


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