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Console gaming: rekindling the romance

by Stephanie Duchenne (Panda McBearface)  Posted Tuesday, March 05, 2013 11:52:40 AM


I relocated last week and because I am a genius and thus am constantly doing things like maths, which is very distracting, I managed to leave the power cord for my laptop in my old room which is located approximately 1800 kms from my current location. So, I’ve had a dead laptop for the past week and once I recovered from the resulting suicidal urges, I realised that it didn’t really matter anyway because I don’t have internet in my new flat (ergo no friends and no social life).


Those feels when no internet...



Two main results of these circumstances are that:

  1. I now answer my phone sometimes and speak to people. This represents a turning point in my life as previously I would only answer the phone if I knew who was calling (maybe). If you were a ‘private’ number or not listed in my contacts, sozlol (now I answer both because I am a big girl).
  2. I have rediscovered how fantastic console gaming is.

I enjoyed a whirlwind love affair with my Xbox 360 until a couple of years ago when I realised that sitting 30cm away from your lo-def television screen in order that you can decode excessively small writing and thus know wtf is actually happening to you in Mass Effect 2 is probably not all that healthy for your retinas.


We still have a crap TV in my new place, but it’s ok because Red Dead Redemption doesn’t require much reading and also, galloping through the desert on my trusty steed (Mrs Picklecrotch) makes me feel like Queen of The Horses albeit in a very dusty and leathery fashion (I’m referring to what the sun has done to my guy’s skin – his visage resembles a vintage handbag).


So why is console gaming so great?

I can actually answer that with srs and logical arguments:

  1. It’s a level playing field – Considering that I play almost every game except for Solitaire on 30 frames per second,  it’s quite refreshing to know that a console comes standard and will remain that way until you buy the newer, more impressive version.
  2. I just feel far more involved in console games – I cried a bit in Modern Warfare in that bit when you save that chick and you’re running towards your helicopter and then the nuclear bomb explodes and then you see your arms looking all burnty. Maybe it’s because using the trigger buttons is more like shooting a real gun? I don’t know really; but what I do know is that things seem much more exciting on a bigger screen.

So my friends, do yourselves a favour and put that mouse aside. Pick up your ergonomic controlly and feel the heft of it in your sweaty hand. Console gaming is just so great and we should do it every day, ever. At the very least, it’s good exercise for your thumbs and pointer fingers – Who said gamers never get any exercise?

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