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Monday Wake Up Call

by Rezaa De Vos (TolkenWhiteBoy)  Posted Monday, February 25, 2013 7:47:28 AM


First Person Mario

The tirst topic isn't really news, but a great video of Mario in the first person view.


First review of Tomb Raider


The first review to come out for Tomb Raider giving it a high score is from Game Master Magazine.

“Sitting back exhausted we were left with just one question dribbling forth from our gaping jaws. How on earth are they going to top this in the sequel? Because of one thing there can be no doubt. Lara is back.”

20+ hours of gameplay makes me a happy man. Other reviews should be available on the net a week before release.

 Ubisoft wishes to improve relations with PC Gamers:


In an interview with MCV, Stephanie Perotti director of UPlay has stated that Ubisoft wishes to improve the view that PC gamers have of Ubisoft. The much hated “always on DRM” will be removed from future titles from Ubisoft. They have also opened  UPlay, the digital distribution platform, which will be in competition with Steam, GoG, Desura and other services.

200 Mods To make Skyrim Beautiful:

For those still spending immense amount of hours in Skyrim, check out this article on Destructoid. Some of the best mods you could use to make your game of Skyrim look even more awesome (which could also eat away on your processing power, but what do I know).


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