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Battlefield 3 news: Israel withdraws, South Africa to face Bulgaria next

by Han Cilliers (Lola)  Posted Friday, February 22, 2013 2:32:50 PM


I am sad to report that the match between Team eSports South Africa and Team Israel for the Battlefield 3 Clanbase XVI Nations Cup (PC) for this coming Sunday has been forfeited by Israel. The reason for Israel’s withdrawal from the tournament seems to be due to player commitment issues.


South Africa is facing Bulgaria next; the match will take place on Sunday, 3 March. According to our local captain, Barry "Anthraxza" Louzada, the SA team is ready to move forward to the playoff stages, “We are pretty confident. Hopefully we can get out the group stages and into the play off and kick some ass! If we can manage to do well against Bulgaria then with just that win we can get out of the group stages and get into the playoff. From there, we are hoping to improve as we move forward.”

I also had a talk with Mr Colin Webster, president of Mind Sports South Africa about the Israel’s withdrawal.

“The withdrawal of Israel upsets the whole championship. I always find that when players and/or teams forfeit matches it shows a great deal of disrespect to those who are organising or participating in the championship. The withdrawal also shows that gamers need to take these events more seriously. National honour is at stake, and the people of the country are often judged by the behaviour of the team representing the country.”

We wish our team all the best for next Sunday’s match against Bulgaria, hopefully they will move out of the group stages to the playoffs next.

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