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It's Valentine's Day: The erotic Xbox controller that shouldn’t exist but does

by Stephanie Duchenne (Panda McBearface)  Posted Thursday, February 14, 2013 12:17:00 PM



In honour of Valentine’s Day and as a sort of consolation prize to all you single folk out there (me included but I don’t have a winky so it’s not applicable to me and also I don’t think it’s a social failing to be nearly 30 and unmarried even though many, many of your younger friends are):
A Japanese game controlly that you can put your winky in.


It comes as part of the package for upcoming erotic game Custom Maid 3D (see the website here, but it’s definitely Not Safe For Work and also is terrifying), it’s called the Ju-C Air and in all honesty, freaks me out quite a lot.


If what I understand is correct, you use the controlly to have “air sex” (like “air guitar” but with a few key differences) with the various characters in the game who will react…um…differently according to variables like “speed” and “depth”. OMG.

Because the developers understand the needs of their consumer base, they have conveniently installed an analog stick and right and left click buttons on the controller so that you don’t even have to take your hands off it while playing! So convenient because really, gaming and then touching yourself are two time-consuming activities. Trust the Japanese to invent a way that allows you to do both concurrently in a most efficient manner.

Custom Maid 3D goes on sale on the 22nd February and will cost about US$144, just in time for a belated Valentine’s Day celebration (>_>).

Lastly, here's some sweet and soppy stuff for ya' (counter-acting the weirdness and horror):



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