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A needlessly elaborate recreation of Call of Duty Perk-o-Colas

by Stephanie Duchenne (Panda McBearface)  Posted Friday, February 01, 2013 12:32:00 PM


Reddit is quickly becoming one of my favourite places on the Internet due to the enormous amounts of entertainings to be found there. This morning, Kotaku found a Redditor and his sister who had re-created all the Perk-a-Cola bottles from Call of Duty RL, a needlessly elaborate exercise that’s fun to do for no reason.

Perk-a-Colas are features that can be found on most of the zombie maps in COD and each bottle o’ soda gives your little man a perk to help him survive his dalliance with the zombie hordes. Redditor Kjkemme made all the colas and had a little photoshoot which you can see here:


It seems that the label contains a wee typo, because I’m pretty sure that there is no such thing as “tight terrors” (unless of course we’re talking about claustrophobia I suppose).


So many pretty colours to amuse tiny minds like mine :D


An artificial hand wound that terrifies me quite a lot.


This photo is clearly fake because if you look closely, you can see she’s not actually drinking any cola >_>

And now I shall leave you with a Youtube video that will play you all the little ditties from the Perk-o-Cola machines:


Friday work avoidance accomplished!


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