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So Long THQ and Thanks for all the Memories

by Reinhard Rheeder-Kleist (Choc_Salties)  Posted Thursday, January 24, 2013 12:53:43 PM


With THQ finally unable to stand any further, the once great publishing house has fallen and the buzzards have already come and picked the carcass mostly clean.


Almost all of THQ’s studios have found new homes, with the exception of the Darksiders developer Vigil. Having never played the Darksiders series (yes, shame on me), I was also given a stern talking to for not having done so.

So in a nutshell, here is who is going where:

·         Sega agreed to purchase Relic

·         Koch Media agreed to purchase Volition and Metro

·         Crytek agreed to purchase Homefront

·         Take 2 agreed purchase Evolve

·         Ubisoft agreed to purchase Montreal and South Park 

Kotaku received a copy of a letter sent out to all THQ employees regarding their potential futures at the new IP holders’ businesses, “we expect that most employees of the entities included in the sale will be offered employment by the new owners. However, we cannot say what these owners may intend, and there will likely be some positions that will not be needed under the new ownership. You should receive notice this week or early next week if the new owners intend to extend employment to you. Please note that the terms of your new employment, including pay and benefits, may be different from the current terms of your employment with THQ.”

And so there it is – there is also a detailed document regarding the exact details as filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court if you’re interested in how much the parties bid and who the runners up were.

Thanks to RPS for the alert and source and Kotaku for the letter.

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