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Sony seeks to stop 2nd hand sales

by Nicholas Holden (Holden ZA)  Posted Friday, January 04, 2013 2:12:00 PM


Sony have recently patented a method of preventing the resale of video games. This patent has been created to try slow down or to increase control of the process of second hand sales. 


This quote from the NeoGaf forum states that, "According to the present embodiment, realized is the electronic content processing system that reliably restricts the use of electronic content dealt in the second-hand markets," states the patent. "As a result, the dealing of electronic content in the second-hand markets is suppressed, which in turn supports the redistribution of part of proceeds from sales of the electronic content to the developers."


Reading this you can't help but think that Sony are bunch of money sucking scoundrels but this might not all be doom and gloom. As patents get made everyday just to prevent other companies from eventually doing the same thing. This might just be Sony's idea of having some ammunition in their back pocket in case something goes awry.  

As more patents get secured from both Microsoft and Sony you can't help but compare ammunition between the two console giants. In a recent article regarding Microsofts procurement of R2 Studios, we saw Microsoft take a more positive move in the progression of the next generation console. When it comes to Sony we haven't had too much positive to draw from so early on in 2013. The latest patent secured from Sony seems like a very underhand way to slap gamers in the face. Hopefully Sony will release a response to the direction in which they wish to take this patent, but here is hoping that this one is left in the kitty litter. 

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