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The biggest canvas on PC, GMod celebrates 6th birthday

by Han Cilliers (Lola)  Posted Thursday, November 29, 2012 9:50:00 AM


Six years, 153 updates later and Gary’s Mod is averaging about 1 200 sales per day and is one of the 10 most-played games on Steam.


Well, technically speaking GMod isn’t a game; it’s a sandbox physics toolset where gamers can create their own virtual playgrounds using the Source engine. The user generated creations that have spawned from GMod are nothing short of marvelous, innovative and phenomenal.

Check out Garry Newman’s birthday statement from his official GMod website.

“Six years ago today, Garry’s Mod 10 went up for sale.

On the 29th November 2006 it sold 5,700 copies. This was a huge huge number at the time, I could not believe it could possibly sell that much. When it first went on sale it actually knocked Steam offline temporarily. A few weeks later it was selling around 300 copies a day. In that first year it sold 147,666 copies.

Wow! Six years and 153 updates later it’s averaging about 1,200 sales a day.. and on the 22nd of November it sold 38,511 copies. In the last year it sold 716,632 copies! I scratch my head now - because 5,700 copies doesn’t seem like that much.But it must have been a lot back then - because Valve sent me a hat made out of actual money to celebrate (for the record it was made out 700 GBP).

Happy Birthday Garry’s Mod!”  


The latest addition to GMod features using Microsoft Kinetic. Your body controls your ragdoll live and it even works on GMod multiplayer. Dance, have a brawl or just play around with your fellow virtual artists in your own customised world.

Kinect support for Garry's Mod will work with the Xbox 360 Kinect unit on any Windows PC machine with Kinect for Windows Runtime v1.6, Mac support is not yet available. The update is schedule for release within the next week.

Check out this video showcasing the GMod with Kinetic function.


If you are a PC gamer, you can play Gary's Mod on servers hosted by MWEB GameZone. Server details are as follows:

  • IP ADDRESS:  - Build server
    IP ADDRESS: - Zombie Survival (experimental server)

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