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Monday Wake Up Call: 19/11/2012

by Rezaa De Vos (TolkenWhiteBoy)  Posted Monday, November 19, 2012 11:55:52 AM


Hey all you GameZone people, welcome to another Monday Wakeup Call!

Hope everyone's weekend was good, mine was awesome. video games, relaxing and more relaxing! Also installed Skype on my machine, never used the thing, but it seems easy enough :S Let's see what you’ve missed out over the weekend.

Wii U Launched:


Wii U has launched, which it a ton of video game sites covering its games and some live streams. Its unfortunate that a Wii U didn't come into the GameZone office, but for those who want to know what you’re in for before you buy it, check out the links below.

ZombiU looks especially cool, despite the stupid name:

Links here and here Launches centralized massivly multiplayer online (MMO) streams:

  mmobomb-wallpaper.jpg a site focused on promoting MMO games. The site launched a new service where they have filtered all MMO related streams to one place, their site.This will make it easier on users to find what they’re looking for instead of scouring multiple sites. You can see for yourself how it works by visiting their site.

Wii U hacked by accident:


A NeoGaf user names Trike has hacked the Wii U Miiverse. The process to do this was completely by accident as he was having trouble setting up his Wii U and found he had access to admin users and was able to remove people at will.I am not sure how this reflects on the Wii U’s security but hopefully this gets patched soon.Read the full story of how he  hacked the Miiverse here

Fan Made Video: Castelvania: Hymn of Blood

So i was searching around the net and found this fan made video that shows the origins of Simon Belmont. The protagonist of Castlevania. It's an interesting watch, pretty high end on the budget for what you mainly find online (the Halo 4 video being the exception).

Currently there are only 3 episodes , here’s the first one. Enjoy!

Last but not least, check out this awesome Skyrim artwork.



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