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Twin Cosplay Make Our Heads Spin

by Brad Kirby (Schmoe)  Posted Thursday, March 08, 2012 12:58:00 PM


The only way to improve on an incredibly hot cosplay recipe is to add a hot twin sister into the mix! Yuurisaan-C-chan and her twin sister Yuurisaan-K-sama have found a hobby that they (and we) simply love. These lovely ladies were gracious enough to share their gallery with us as well as giving us a little insight into their world. I certainly hope some of our local Cosplayers take note and raise their game for Rage this year.

Awesome, awesome awesome work ladies! Truly inspirational indeed and again thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.


Tell as a little about yourself:

Q: How old are you?

A: We are 21 years old

Q: Whereabouts on this crazy planet do you live?

A: We live in Maryland, USA

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: Currently we're university students.

Q: What do you do for fun outside of Cosplay?

A: We like to waste our time surfing the internet, watch anime, entertaining shows, play videogames, practice on photography, have fun with our friends, play with our kid sis, and sketch out designs for our next cosplays. Once school gets hectic, most of our free time is over.


Tell as more about your fabulous Cosplay:

Q: How did you get involved in Cosplay and what attracts you to this past time?

A: We began attending an anime convention in 2006. We thought at first it was silly to cosplay anime characters. We began watching anime again around 2007 and in 2008 we decided to seriously cosplay anime characters. It was so much fun, so we continued to do this crazy hobby!

Q: What has been your favourite and most memorable Cosplay?

A: So far it has been both our FFXIII-2 costumes and Evangelion plugsuits, fun times~

Q: Your Cosplays are simply some of the very best that I have seen and tend to be based on game characters. Are you girls fans of any specific games? If so, what other games do you enjoy?

A: Thanks! Anything Square-Enix and Mario games, but our most favourite game is Mario Party. We like to compete with each other and with our friends.


Q: Have you had any Cosplays go wrong?

A: Many times, we end up remaking them.

Q:  Please tell us about your Cosplay process, Where do you draw your inspiration from and do you create and put together your costumes by yourself?

A: We help each other to brainstorm ideas. We like to be creative, so we love to add extra and interesting things to our costume! Once motivation is gone, we go back to watching the anime/playing the game we are cosplaying from or looking at other cosplayers.

Q: Do you have a “Dream Cosplay” ?

A: One day we want to cosplay from our childhood anime shows, which are Pokemon and Sailor Moon.

Q: During the whole Cosplay process, from design to implementation to photo-shoots, make-up and events, which part is the most rewarding for you?

A: The last process, it makes us happy to see how beautiful or terrible the final results look. When it's a bad result, it helps us improve for our next costumes.


Q: Do you have any advice or pearls of wisdom for folks who are interested in Cosplay?

A: Anything is possible if you try your best! We truly believe it's possible to make costumes with cheap materials. Be creative and have motivation when making costumes. What matters most is that you have fun!

Q: How do you like to dress when not taking part in Cosplay?

A: We like to wear relaxing clothes, especially when we are under stress from studying xD

For more of these lovely ladies' galleries available on World Cosplay and

My Favourite pics right here:


0b82006ec8e942baea15f8c5a45475f098bbe727-740.jpg  0ed8d8b3b7e687980f5f629056f564919639d757-740.jpg  5ace0a2c0c6bca208cc5cb50d8c7dad9a5851653-740.jpg  7b010c8039988b74a56f1bb18880e569bee918d7-740.jpg  12f7e9d7c2238f20ce98a9e4a8b7e7126056f703-740.jpg  35aad9d77784b457f357a5f3a4d063e7909248dc-740.jpg  89a74a6f84ac5cb558deda2797daba306b09dd3e-740.jpg  241b8c33bf41a01509c46c5b68a6b509f36548a3-740.jpg  306e4dd38c4b624c15b5ba485ef3fb8634ec0eaa-740.jpg  811e74fa9f11d61de63928921b216a0d424b147e-740.jpg  950ec71139adb0fd83bbad20aa45aa80d08f7aae-740.jpg  4367c4e160ec08c46af97208b347e5e85b0dc558-740.jpg  922194afe533ec749d6225c864ccb89c73fb2d4b-740.jpg  2662166.jpg  2871541.jpg  2968688.jpg  3008794.jpg  3008896.jpg  3008996.jpg  3010783.jpg  3021616.jpg  3022782.jpg  3025259.jpg  3027276.jpg  3027277.jpg  3027278.jpg  3027375.jpg  3056853.jpg  3088408.jpg  3130255.jpg  3133144.jpg  3160575.jpg  3164272.jpg  3165066.jpg  3167569.jpg  3168124.jpg  a0f9f41ed8d5380fc52a2f061c42a438f84aa386-740.jpg  ad76619fd43346fa6785cb67cfabd507f8d44cec-740.jpg  b4d6180d5b6348a5d2cb40a525f5d3ba6731a249-740.jpg  b7dbe58f15d915138a331e39beceaf623d1ad148-740.jpg  b9eab37d5e7a659d2183524841c515f1ddcdd3ff-740.jpg  b5897d80302a28af025fb6465d5a96a33516c8c7-740.jpg  b22313ea6167ce56e1f063e77246d7614b461d77-740.jpg  cab95869300238bc95fc3d6c258c78ba21b251ee-740.jpg  d0d53c0d2a3da574f74d6eb04c3f8b7045557e56-740.jpg  e8f4a94981487cc4171645707d3ded1a33a22e4b-740.jpg  e32ff128c91b85899e762f9527b82ff6fd6ec23d-740.jpg  ece80d1846c92fe915c3c6b8238d2e9745ee4ad1-740.jpg  f142963a763109e95bde07f4a74966aff92eac4a-740.jpg 

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