Tri-Nations League of Legends Test Match: Israel vs Denmark vs SA

I am going to dare say it… Mind Sports South Africa is proud to announce the first ever tri-nations League of Legends test match in which South Africa will participate. Yes, it’s a test match. How do we know this? Israel, Denmark and South Africa are all members of the International eSports Federation (IeSF), and you can only compete at the IeSF if you represent your country. 


Some might argue that the IeSF is not worthy to be recognised as an international eSports Body. Well, it is certainly not Major League Gaming (MLG), but then again, the IeSF has a slightly different focus – and both of these organisations have a right to promote eSports, god knows, we need all the help we can get.

In a nutshell, the IeSF, strives to: 

Include as many nations into one standardized eSports Body in order to host annual world championships. 

Currently the IeSF has 49 countries listed. The Organisation also succeeded in listing eSports in the Asian Games. The IeSF is certainly contributing to the advancement of eSports. Does it have its own share of problems and improvements to make? Of course it does as any organisation of this scale has too. 

Now that we've settled that, let’s take a look at the upcoming Tri-Nations League of Legends Test Match.


Press release from the MSSA

As excitement builds towards the dawning of the 2013 IeSF Championships, there has already been all the drama surrounding the lead up to an event of this magnitude. The 2013 IeSF World championships will be held from 30 October to 4 November 2013. Each continent has an allocated number of teams that it may enter. Africa, unfortunately, only gets the opportunity of entering one team. With the political problems being experienced by Egypt, Egypt has had to withdraw from the Qualifying Championship. Therefore, the South African Protea Team automatically goes through to the 2013 IeSF World Championships. 

While this is good news for the South African team, it also has a down-side. The South African team will no longer have the opportunity to play against another national team in order to test their mettle. For this reason, the MSSA, with a great deal of help from both MWEB and the IeSF have structured the on-line Tri-Nations Test Match. 

The South African Protea Team will be pitted against both Denmark and Israel in this exciting test match. The Danes are without doubt the favourites, but the South African Team is determined to hold their own. Even though the Tri-Nation Test Match will be played on-line, the South African team will play as a unit from the MWEB MCAVE at the MWEB head office in Parow. Press will be invited to witness this historic event, and spectators will have the opportunity to view the game through streaming so that all South African gamers can watch and support our brave Proteas in this historic test match.

The details of the Tri-Nations Test Match are:

PARTICIPANTS: South Africa, Denmark, and Israel

VENUE for the SA Protea Team: MWEB MCAVE, Parow



Without doubt, this first Tri-Nations Test Match will lead to many more and will benefit South African gamers as never before!

MSSA: Facebook | Twitter / IeSF: Facebook | Website

MWEB GameZone wishes the teams all the best. Keep an eye on the website for more news as the event draws closer. More details on the Protea League of Legends team to follow. .

eSports Denmark: Facebook | Website Israel: eSports

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