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Battlefield 3 Mouse Acceleration fix

Many PC gamers have spent a lot of their free money during 2011 to prepare their gaming rig for Battlefield 3. Core2Quads were upgraded to i7's and high end ATI and Nvidia graphics cards were sold out across the board. All in all it was a good time to be in the gaming hardware business.

If you, like me, have upgraded your gaming mouse in this process you might be in for a nasty surprise in Battlefield 3. You might at first notice this as sluggish movement on the mouse, especially when moving it quickly, preventing you from accurately and consistently getting your mouse onto your target. The reason for this is that Battlefield 3 suffers from negative mouse acceleration.

Normal mouse acceleration is a default option enabled in windows. If you move your mouse slowly the mouse pointer on screen will slow down. When you move the mouse quickly the mouse pointer speed will also increase. Basically when you move your mouse from point A to point B on your mouse pad, the corresponding distance traveled by mouse pointer will be shorter when you move the mouse slowly and longer when you move it quickly. Most FPS gamers want this option turned OFF. After some practice you are able to train your brain to know exactly how far you need to move your mouse to put the cursor directly on target. You want to do this as quickly as possible and don't want an added variable (movement speed) to have to deal with. Negative mouse acceleration differs from normal mouse acceleration in that it reduces the distance traveled the faster you move your mouse.

An easy way to check if you suffer from normal or negative mouse acceleration is to put your mouse on the edge of your mouse pad while playing Battlefield 3. Slowly move the mouse until you have done a full 360 turn. Now quickly move your mouse in the opposite direction until you turn back to your original starting point. Your mouse should now be on the same position it was when you started.
Normal mouse acceleration is quite easy to fix. Open up your mouse settings under the hardware and sound section of the control panel. Now click on the "Pointer Options" tab and disable Enhanced pointer precision.

Negative mouse acceleration normally occurs when you are running high DPI on your mouse and low sensitivity in game. To fix this lower the DPI on your mouse to around 3200 DPI and lower and increase the sensitivity of your mouse in the game settings.
My current settings for BF3 are:

Sniping  - 400 DPI
Infantry - 800 DPI
Tank/APC - 1600 DPI
Heli/Jet - 3200 DPI

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