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Halo 4 and the Majestic Map Pack – Visit the Unseen

by Han Cilliers (Lola)  Posted Wednesday, February 20, 2013 8:51:00 AM


Halo 4 was undoubtedly the best co-op experience I have ever had in my few decades of playing video games. 343 Industries took a series that was already a benchmark for console gaming to an even greater height with Halo 4. The studio proved that it was able to deliver and exceed the expectations of fans of the Halo franchise. The latest addition to Halo 4, the Majestic Map Pack, takes fans to previously unseen places of the Halo universe.

Let’s take a look.


Key features of the Majestic Map Pack

  • Small-scale infantry battlegrounds
  • Three new maps: Landfall, Skyline, and Monolith, each with a unique atmosphere and playing style
  • Introduces two new modes: Free-for-all and 4v4 team battles
  • Releases on February 25 on Xbox Live
  • Costs 800 Microsoft points or $10
Skyline – requires the fastest playing style of the three maps. It’s also the smallest scale map when compared to the rest of the maps in Halo 4. It has two bases on two different levels, making it ideal for 2v2 as well as 4v4 matches. The battleground plays of in an abandoned space station with a view over the skyline of the city.
Monolith – is a raider style, four based symmetrical map, set in an asteroid belt. This makes it ideal for sniper wars. Visually this is probably one of the best looking maps in Halo 4. It plays of against a rich history with each species onolith of remembrance to its fallen heroes.

Landfall – is an asymmetrical, medium sized map with an industrial type feel to it. It’s a combination of outdoor open spaced and close quarter’s indoor combat. Landfall is the recreation of an ancient battle that took place on the planet Tribute’s capital city of Casbah.


Are you still enjoying Halo 4? How does the multiplayer and competitive experience compare to the single player campaign version?

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