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Battlefield Team SA takes on Spain this weekend

by Desmond Kurz (bosbvok)  Posted Friday, February 15, 2013 12:00:00 PM


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The MWEB Battlefield 3 Team eSports SA for PC takes on Spain this weekend in their second match as part of Pool C in Clanbase's Nations Cup BF3 Conquest competition.

Spanish Battlefield 3 Team: Results so far

The Spanish Team for Battlefield 3 has played two matches so far, going down to Russia 330-5 (Caspian Border and Grand Bazaar maps) and beating Israel 902-0 (Kharg Island and Seine Crossing). With a win behind them for their last match, we can certainly expect their confidence levels to be up.

South African Battlefield 3 Team: Results so far

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So far, our team has one match behind them, losing to Russia 527-157 (Kharg Island and Seine Crossing). You can read the full match report on Han Cillier's coverage of Battlefield 3 Nations Cup report: South Africa vs Russia.

The team are still bullish at moment about progressing to the next stage, certainly according to team member, Sean McCalgan (aka ScopeR), who was quoted in the article as saying "I feel we have a very good chance of making playoffs at this stage."

According to Colin Webster, the President of Mind Sports South Africa,  "The MWEB Battlefield 3 Team has put in a lot of time practicing against other international teams this week to prepare for their game against Spain. Thus the team is confident and ready to go!"

Seems the guys have been putting in the time and the confidence levels are there, despite the initial loss. Show's great strength of character and determination, which is exactly what we need in our SA teams. MWEB is proud to be sponsors and supporters of the South African Battlefield 3 Team!

Match Details: Spain versus SA

The match against Spain will be streamed on Sunday, 17 February 2013 at 21H00 on ScopeR's Twitch TV channel:

The match will be fought on the Operation Firestorm and Operation Metro maps, with one round being played on the Spanish server and the other match being played on Team South Africa's servers. In this way, both teams will be faced with playing with high latency, evening the competition out somewhat. MWEB has provided the South African team with a UK-based server to practice on to acclimatise to playing at high pings, and they have certainly been practicing against overseas teams!

The match will be overseen by  Clanbase administrator Grosch J├ínos (aka Lotaran) from Hungary.

The MWEB GameZone team will all be holding thumbs for team's success and we wish them all the best for Sunday night. We're sure, no matter what the result, that the team will do us proud!

Contact Info: Clanbase | MSSA | Team eSports SA | Suupmolk Live Stream

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